Kidney stones & stinky urine

I passed a kidney stone a few weeks ago. I was put on Flomax for about 2 weeks. I noticed after the stone passed, my urine was rotten smelling in the morning. I figured it was the Flomax.

But now it’s been at least 2 weeks since I’ve taken Flomax and my urine still smells in the morning. It’s strong, but not clear-the-room strong. It doesn’t smell at any other time during the day.

The CAT scan showed that I had 2 stones… a larger one in the kidney and a smaller one working it’s way down my ureter. I only passed the smaller one. I have no idea when or if I’ll ever pass the large one.

Should I be concerned? Is the smell just me dissolving the larger stone? I’ve been drinking a lot just out of fear and hoping that the stone will go away slowly on its own.

No fever. No flank pain.

I did notice one documented side effect when I took Flomax. I doubt it’s related, but might be worth mentioning. It’s kinda gross, so I’ll set it in a spoiler tag…

When I ejaculated on at least one occassion while on Flomax, the “door” that’s supposed to keep the semen out of the bladder didn’t work. I read that it would just be expelled through urination, so I didn’t worry too much about it. I think everything is flowing in the right direction again though.

Stinky urine can be a sign of infection. In a male, it would be no surprise you have an infection if you had a stone. Wouldn’t be surprised if doc gave you a 7-10 run of something like Cipro, so go see the doc.

If only a first morning void has a stronger odor, one consideration might be an overall state of hydration. More concentrated urine can have a stronger odor. This could be related to Flomax, though not necessarily.

A formal urinalysis of a morning urine might help.

Advice here and elsewhere is worth about what you pay for it, less the SDMB and internet costs.

I don’t think the smell would be you dissolving the stone. Do you know what the stone you passed was made of? Calcium oxylate, the most common kind of stone? Or something else?

Your spoiler does not rise to the level of TMI, within the context of a thread whose title includes “stinky urine”. Therefore I propose, in open text, that if you have some uncloseable communication between your generational glands and your urinary system, that you watch out - too much such communication can cause a prostate infection, which is very painful.

Yeah, I figure I should just bring a sample down to the lab.

IANADoctor but when my Mom was in a nursing home for her last 5 years, they served cranberry juice to all the inmates with every meal because it prevented their urine from stinking. I drink it often and take c’berry capsules daily and my urine seems not to stink.

I have been on Flomax for more than 10 years, with another med for BPH and am thinking of getting a reamout so I can get off them. The disclaimers in those tv ads are true. There can be dizziness (positional hypotension) besides the “decrease in semen”. An older male relative just told me he fainted out cold when getting up out of a chair quickly after being on F’max for a week.

Get your urine checked for infection by your GP.
Better safe than sorry, and as you have been drinking a lot you won’t be sure whether your urinary frequency is due to that or to an infection caused by a stone.

I’ve had 4 kidney stones and my urine has never smelled bad during or after any of them. I’d have a doctor check you out.

How about you call the doctor’s office and ask if it’s a normal side effect before you go in. Seems to be a pretty straight-forward question. Save yourself a copay.