Kids and Nair, a very bad combination

My son went to a friend’s hoouse today. My son told his friend that he wanted his head shaved this summer. The friend said, “Let’s use my mom’s Nair, so your mom doesn’t have to shave it for you!”

Wanna see the result of this great idea ?

I don’t know whether to say I’m sorry or to laugh hysterically.

How old is your son? Is he old enough to know better??

Lordy, when I read the title, I was hoping for pics!
Thanks! :smiley:

Oh my.
I thought my brother did a bad job on me with the scissors when we were little. I’m just glad my mother wasn’t a Nair user!

Oh man, that will forever be a story to tease him with for the rest of his life. :smiley:

Salutations from a third-time-poster, long-time reader! I feel obliged to share the following observation: this individual was old enough to have become familiarized with shaving cream and the disposable razor? Yowza! :smack: I thought I’d messed up my hair trying to trim the bangs to save a few bucks…

Well it’s different anyway!

Maybe he felt his hair was too similar to other boys his age and did it on purpose! :smiley:

can I assume it’s all been shaved down to one length?

He’s 11 years old. I thought he knew better, but this situation never really crossed my mind.

There are parts (clumps?) of it that are still too long to simply shave, but this will be taken care of at the barber tomorrow morning.

Wow. How perfect! You don’t even NEED to punish him, he’s already done it to himself!

You need to keep those photos for all his major birthdays… and then ridcule him…

A lot!

Forget birthdays.

They’re for when he brings his girlfriends home to meet mom.

[evil smilie needed here]

He looks like my circa 1964 Ken doll. His hair was “flocked” and rubbed off in spots.

How did you get him to hold still for the photos?

But wasn’t his friend sweet to try to ease your workload–I mean, he only suggested it to your so to save you the trouble of having to shave your son’s hair. Really, both of them were at least trying to be considerate. :wink:

Yep, that is prime “show the girlfriend how cute he was” material. He will never live this down!

Hope he didn’t get “burned”. Nair burns my skin something fierce! I am forced to shave instead of feeling the tender flesh of my legs being peeled away by chemicals. Nair and those products leave me red and raw. I despise such products!

Ah, Nair… pure EEEE-vil!! Get thee back to Satan!

Poor kid.

(Yes, I laughed.)

What did you say to him when you saw what he’d done? This is one of those situations where (if it was me) I would just not be able to be to angry with him. It’s a grab the camera (as you have clearly done) and document this for posterity, while saying, “How do you feel about this? What have you learned? Ever gonna forget it?”

Does he know you’re posting these on the SDMB?

I’ve tried using Nair, with mixed results. It works fine on my legs, but underarms-forget it!

If they were partly successful in hair removal, why didn’t they just finish the job? Did they run out of Nair™? Did your son change his mind about the shaved head look? (Of course, by that point it seems it would have been much too late to change his mind).

Sanguine Spider
Since you said that regular Nair burns, I guess that’s why they have a special formulation for the ummmmmm … bikini area. I wonder what they have to do to promote that product? Bikini area Nair™ … Because of the sensitivity of the area of application, we made it slightly less painful than regular Nair™ !!

How about kids with indelible marking pens?

Dragongirl, that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!! Thanks for making me laugh.

BAD idea… they poor kid will never be able to get married!