Kids in the Hall 2022 (Amazon series)

Anyone watch the reboot of greatest sketch comedy troupe of all time on Amazon Prime? New season dropped today!

I watched the first episode, and, while the boys are a bit older and doughier (aren’t we all?), they still got it!

Loved the opener with Scott at the yard sale. I was probably more excited than I should’ve been seeing Bellini back in the towel. I think my favorite sketch was “60 and On the Pole” (“OMG! His balls are hanging so low!”). The Cathys sketch was ok, but nothing remarkable.

Don’t remember seeing that much of Dave’s and Kevin’s wieners before, so that’s new. But all-in-all, I liked it so far, and am looking forward to the rest of the season.

Monty Python?


Kids in the Hall were basically Monty Python for the 90s.

Kids in the Hall were great. Loved them.

I kinda like the new one, it’s growing me. Very much the same (which is both good and not so good…but mostly good). I’m not sure what it is but I think it is that they have not really accounted for their age. They are doing the same schtick they did in 1990 but now 30 years older.

As a 100% aside…if you like Python and Kids in the Hall you may want to check out The Whitest Kids You Know.

I’ve only watched the first episode (and only saw the original series when it was on Comedy Central back in the 90s), but I was a little surprised by the full frontal nudity. I’m not prudish by any standard, but my experience with the Kids hadn’t involved that much exposure (pun intended).

FWIW I have not seen all episodes yet but, what I have seen, there is a lot less frontal nudity (none that I recall). If that’s what bugs you then no need to worry (much…again, I have not seen it all).

It doesn’t bug me. I just hadn’t seen it before from these gentlemen, so I wasn’t aware that it was in their repertoire.

I am only guessing but I would think that since they are trying to revive an edgy comedy series from the 90s they wanted to show something edgy and crazy to let the audience know they’ll go wherever the comedy takes them. Few boundaries.

I loved these guys in the 90s. And, they seem to be largely the same now…just 30 years older.

I’m kinda liking it. Not sure if Millennials and younger will though. I hope they do.

I got to see KITH on their live reunion tour in 2015, and I was very impressed at the time by the way they’d managed to update some of their classic sketches. Scott Thompson did a Buddy Lee monologue about how LGBT kids have it easy these days, and there was a hilarious ad-lib during their performance of “Running Faggot”;

Scott: Hello, woodsman!
Dave: Hello… faggot.
(pause for laughter)
Dave: I’m sorry, I’m a product of my time!
Scott: Yeah, well, so is this sketch.

The Pythons were writers who also performed. I get the impression the Kids in the Hall are performers who also write. The Pythons were funny in drag because they were do bad at it; the Kids are funny in drag because they’re so good at it.

I didn’t know there was a new show. Did they keep the theme song?

They did! One of my favorite parts.

I’ll definitely watch this new series; I rewatched the old series during the pandemic and most of it was still funny to me.

I hope they bring back the ‘It’s a FACT’ girl, if only for just the once.

They brought back head crusher.

I broke out “I’m crushing your head!” once in front of my kids for absolutely no reason.

They thought I had gone insane.

I recently (maybe a month or so ago) did “I’m crushing your head!” in front of some friends.

Likewise, they thought I had gone insane. (I tried explaining my way out of it with limited success…I think they thought I was a little insane before and this just reinforced that impression.)

I laughed at the “Fax and Firkin” pub; there’s a chain of pubs in Toronto called “The X and Firkin” (including “The Fox and Firkin”, although it looks like it has since rebranded itself as “The Fox”).

From Jeopardy! a few months ago:

I binged the whole season this weekend and I loved it! Big fan since the 90s. I was super afraid they would not be good but they totally nailed it. There was a lot of fan service, surrealism, breaking the 4th wall, incredible drag, self-deprecating humor, grossouts…all the stuff we love about KITH.

Plus Dave and Kevin’s twigs and berries bouncing!

That is something we didn’t PREVIOUSLY know we were missing on the HBO/CBC series :rofl: