Kids in the Hall Returning to TV!

I never thought this would happen. But like Cabbage Head, you can’t keep these five guys down. The KiTH are working on a new series for CBC, this time not a sketch show but a sort of mini-series (eight episodes) with a narrative arc. Dave Foley calls it similar, ideawise, to The League of Gentleman. (But hopefully funny, heh. In fairness, I only sat through one LoG episode, but I didn’t enjoy it enough to try again.) Could be brilliant, could be awful, but I’m sure it’ll be worth checking out.

Here’s the article from

BTW, they might be interested in doing another film. In the above article, Dave mentions one important caveat: they’s probably have to wait until everyone who saw Brain Candy is dead.

Awesome. Hopefully it’ll get shown down here too somehow. And I loved Brain Candy and I’m sure all their fans did too so hopefully they won’t wait too long to do the movie.

I saw their stage show a few months ago. It was life-changing.


btw, I own Brain Candy on DVD, and saw it in the theatre 2x. That shit cracks me up!

“Where’s your father?”
“Upstairs masturbating to gay porn again.”
(from upstairs) “I am not!”