Kids left home alone, so mom can go to Springer taping.

This might have just set an all time record for something.

Words fail me.

A story worthy of a Springer episode, and all because of a Springer taping!

Now she needs a sitter for 30 days instead of an afternoon.

She stands pitted.

**Cook told investigators she left the home about 3:30 p.m. She was arrested when she returned about nine hours later, at 12:40 a.m., Schlicher said.

"I didn’t think I’d be gone that long,’’ Cook said, according to police reports. "I thought I would be back earlier.’’**

Because, you know, it would have been totally different to leave three children younger than 5 years old at home alone for, say, only five hours instead of nine. :rolleyes:

What the fuck kind of thought process do TWO adults go through where they arrive at the conclusion that this makes sense? :mad:

She’s lucky she’s only getting 30 days. The number of things that could have happened to those kids in that amount of time…yeah.

I see you have found a worthy Pit subject.

I wait to see if anyone comes in and defends this idiot.
She will be lucky if she doesn’t loose the kids.
I am not sure which way the kids would be luckier.


What’s the big deal? That’s a typical Springer guest. Maybe she just wanted to make it onto the show.

Well dip me in chocolate and throw me to the lesbians…because this is the ultimate Jerry Spinger moment. And you know she’ll be appearing on the show this time next month.

She left a FIVE MONTH OLD in the care of a five year old? I am officially boggled. I am a vehement opponent of capital punishment, but this just changed my mind.

Nope. She left the infant in the care of a three year old. Unbelievable. (Although court records differ from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services records, which put the youngest at 9 months.

How hard is it to get the ages right? Or does Mom (and I use the term, loosely) not know herself?
What a fucktard–I hope she loses all 3 kids. I hate to see kids placed in the system, but Jesus, they’ll die or come to harm faster with her around!

Am I missing something? That links to reply to this page. :confused:

I think he meant to link here.

FIVE MONTHS?!?! Oh Jesus wept.


Just goes to show you…not trailer park trash is not limited to the rural South. Hell, down here, we’d at least have a bloodhound sleeping on the porch to guard the kids!

It probably has more brains than this woman.

D’oh, yes that’s the one I meant. Sorry.

I really agree, I hate seeing kids go into the system, but it sounds like she is a bigger danger.


What’s the big deal people?
Most of you here are in favor of individual rights and for the freedom of people to expose their kids to whatever the parents deem appropriate.
How is this any different from you, yourselves, transporting your child in a car without restraints, or allowing the children to play outside unsupervised?
I mean, if you lock the children in a room and give them some munchies and water they’ll probably survive for a number of days without suffering.
And those suggesting that the death penalty apply :eek: ??? You oppose it for people that actually murder others but as soon as someone leaves a child unnattended or steps on a cat, straight to the chair with 'em!

[/devils advocate]

Hey, I never transport my kids with restraints.
They only play in my backyard, in fact until my son turned five, only in a small fenced off area.
(I am also not against the death penalty per se; I just don’t think it works in the current system).
Stepping on cats is usually the cats fault in my experience.

It sounds like she is an unfit mother and I would be happy if she volunteered tubal ligation, the state should be happy to pay for it.

The kids are probably endangered by a mom of this caliber.


At least Mary waited until Baby Jesus became Adolescent Jesus before he wandered around and knocked on the doors of neighboring synagogues.

Y’know, I often think these stories are a little silly, and that sometimes law enforcement overreacts - I mean, many 9 year olds can handle themselves home alone for a few hours. Perhaps a hundred years ago, a nine year old could have been left home with her baby sister all afternoon while Ma plowed the fields. Two hundred years ago, the nine year old would be planning her damn wedding.

But three years old? With an infant? Who was feeding the infant, who, most likely on a 2 or 3 hour feeding schedule, would have missed at least three meals? And a baby certainly can’t live without water for “days”, nor can a three year old warm up a bottle, much less mix formula accurately.

Here’s a clue: if you’re kid can’t change his own diaper, he shouldn’t be left alone!

‘Sides, Mr. Devil, the kids weren’t safely locked anywhere - they were (as they should be) banging on neighbors’ doors. Damn kids were smarter than their damn mother.

Nope, I’m afraid I’m solidly on the side of the police in this case: this was a clear cut case of neglect and stupidity, and I pray those children find a decent home and that this woman never spawns again.

Hmmm . . . perhaps I should re-think my opposition to capital punishment.

Not in most Western countries. I’m sorry, I know it was hyperbole, but “child” marriages were very uncommon for centuries.

Yes, many of them were betrothed at young ages (especially among the nobility), but actual marriage did not take place until after sexual maturity on the parts of both (because many times children were betrothed to other children).

It’s a pet peeve of mine to this historical inaccuracy trotted out all the time. Yes, they tended to marry people, especially women, off younger then–but not as young as critics would make one think.