Kids + Rocks = 120,000 Angry Bees

From this Yahoo article:

I’m trying to visualize just how big a hive has to be in order to weigh 500 pounds. Scary.

That’s a pretty big hive!

We used to do this kind of thing to bee/hornet nests we found in the woods. Boy, did those things ever get mad!

Wow. I guess the bees were not africanized? If so, it’s a shame the exterminator had to kill so many of them.

I was thinking the same thing. I’m sure that large a swarm of Africanized bees would have garnered much bigger headlines, but I have a feeling that 120,000 angry bees swarming around can be a pretty dangerous threat, regardless. Especially considering the fact that the hive will have to be removed, and now you’ve got 120K unhomed, pissed off bees.

Just reading this article gives me the creeps!

I HATE bees!

I don’t think the tests for that are in yet. KABC said it would take about a week.

Now I’m all shakey. Ever since I was attacked by a hive I’m terrified of bees. 120,000? That’s horrible. I wonder if anyone got some pictures of a swarm.

The cite doesn’t say much about the kids. I hope they got away clean.

Better than being rebuked to death for the stings, also better than being praised to death for saving the building from collapse.

I’m seeing the kids throwing rocks at the hive and the swarm of bees flying out and forming a big exclamation point; then the bees shape themselves into a big arrow which points at the culprits and turns into a big fist that tries to squash them as they run away.

Is it wrong of me to imagine this and find it funny?

I’d bet the kids would think that was funny, too.

Great, thanks for sharing that. Now that’s what I’m seeing.

I don’t think I’ve seen the ages of the kids yet; maybe that’s what they were hoping for!

More importantly, is William Shatner going to host the special on Fox?

Heh…just remembered. If you wanna kill 30,000 bees you only need 3 hours and 30 giant hornets. Anyone got that National Geographic link handy?

Oh those poor honeybees. Where did I see that link?

Here it is.

Poor bees. :frowning: