Kids say the darndest things ...

I have to share this!

I was hanging around after church today and a six- or seven-year-old girl came up to chat with me. I took her and her older brother to see Ratatouille this summer, which is how she knows me. She started out telling me, in great detail, about the scary dream she had last night — I’m not surprised she’s having bad dreams, since her father passed away a couple weeks ago — and then she insisted that I need to take her and her brother to another movie. In fact, she wanted to go see a movie right that minute. I had to explain that the theater wasn’t open yet, and I didn’t even know if there are any kids movies showing right now.

Anyway, since I was sitting down, she noticed the top of my head, and the fact that I’m balding. So she suggested that perhaps I could cut my beard off and super-glue it to the top of my head. :dubious: So I said that might work for a little while, but it would come unglued eventually.

So then she came up with a really brilliant idea: she took hold of what little hair remains on my bald spot, and started pushing on my chin. “Maybe,” she said, “you could pull on the hair on your head, and push on your beard, and make it pop out on top!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Clever kid :slight_smile:

I’m growing my beard. I’ve got to try that.