Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction Paralell - No real spoiler

Hey, is it just me, or is there a BIG OLD parallel between the two movies?

When Travolta and Uma are sitting in Jackrabbit Slims (isn’t that the name of the place) with their five dollar shake, et al, she tells him about the pilot she shot. Fox Force Five. Five foxy chicks who are a force to be reckoned with. A blonde sex expert, an Asian martial arts guru, a black woman, and HER character who is an expert with blades are all mentioned.

Fast forward to the Posse in Kill Bill. You got your blonde chicks, Asian martial arts expert, and…well, you get the picture. Not a perfect mirror image of the story she told Travolta (god I love Travolta, I just can’t help it! When is he going to dance with ME?!) but close enough that I thought it HAD to be intentional.


I haven’t seen “Kill Bill” yet, but I think you’ll find many such parallels in various Tarantino movies.

from The Internet Movie Database.

Okay, so it’s old news and everyone knew but me! But still!

Yea Uma and QT developed Kill Bill on the set of Pulp Fiction. I always figured it was out of the Fox Force Five thing. I just watched Resevoir Dogs for the first time in a while and couldn’t believe all the Pulp Fiction references - Vic Vega, Marsellus, but most of all, the girl that Buscemi threw out of the car when he hijacked it is the same chick who Marsellus shot in the leg when aiming for Butch in Pulp Fiction.

And in Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction, the heroes were about to be raped (in both cases by scummy white trash redneck types), when they escape just in time, violently murder the would-be rapists, and steal their flashy vehicles (complete with a very obvious keychain) - Zed’s chopper and Buck’s “Pussy Wagon.”

Did this happen in an old exploitation movie QT likes, or something?