Killer Blimp over Pennsylvania!

Okay, the title’s a bit of an exaggeration, but a very large military aerostat broke loose from Aberdeen Proving Grounds and is currently floating over Pennsylvania at the mercy of the wind. It’s reported as being at 16,000 feet and it’s dragging a 2 mile long mooring cable.

Fortunately it’s high enough that the cable isn’t on the ground. Imagine if it was a mile up with a mile of heavy metal cable dragging along the ground!

ETA: It’s being reported now that it’s descending over Columbia County PA, possibly because fighter jets punctured it somehow.

Where was Scylla when this happened?

Now the cable is dragging on the ground, hitting power lines and causing power outages!

Quick! Jettison the turkeys!

It’s being reported now that it’s 200 or 300 feet off the ground. I’d hate to be in the path of the cable!

Ha! Just Monday I was at a scene in Laurel, MD and could clearly see both (there are two of them) floating above APG some 40 miles away.

Who would have thought…

You know, ever since they put those blimps up, I’ve wondered, off and on, what would happen if one of them got loose. But I always told myself the top-notch engineering minds of the U.S. Dept. of Defense had to have thought of that and put some sort of systems in place to keep it from happening.

2 miles of heavy cable dragging along the ground! It’s like a bad disaster movie. I hope no one gets hurt.

Wow Bloomsburg is pretty far north, further than I expected.

I’m just outside of Philadelphia so it’s not near me.

Twitter says it’s landed.

My house happens to be located just a few miles to the north of APG. It must have gone right overhead. Too bad I wasn’t there to see it.

Don’t wind up dragging your cable around.
Get DirecTv.

24,000 customers without power.

Aw, it just wanted to see the Finger Lakes.

Go home blimp, you’re drunk.

CNN says it’s still “on the loose”.

The Buzzfeed headline on this story is unsurpassable : Fled Zeppelin

Military says that it had nothing to do with the deflation.

Some poor PFC is getting the holy hell chewed out of his ass right now.