Killer Kangaroos!

Ok, so they’ve been dead ten million years, but the idea of a carnivorous kangaroo is immensely entertaining to me. Not to mention giant, possibly meat-eating ducks!

Very cool!

They needed those massive teeth to rip out the jugular from the dropbears which were their main prey. Ultimately, however, the dropbears won the evolutionary battle (mean bastards they are) so that’s why there’s no more meat-eating Skippies in Aus.

Not to burst anyone’s bubble but Tuckerfan posted this thread already.

Not according to that link. :smiley:

What, you want a working link as well as a snarky comment? You people.

Whinge whinge whinge

Thankyew Buckler…I note from the linked thread that you have already mentioned the dreaded lethal bear thingies that I alluded to in my post.

You may thus consider it redundant, and I am suitably chastened.

Bastard :smiley:

Nonsense, the foul beasties can never be mentioned too many times. Rumours of their non-existence abound. We must alert the masses!

We must!!

I am personally appalled at the number of tourists who come here unaware of the danger posed by dropbears. Those damned crocodiles and blue-ringed octopuses get all the media attention, but they never seem to publicise the fatalities from dropbear massacres.

D’ya reckon the Tourism Authorities have gone all spin?