Killer Whale vs. Great White

You didn’t think I was going to stop with just one “versus” thread, did you? Would an Orca win in a fight with a great white shark? I suspect the orca would probably win, but I am not absolutely sure. What do you guys think?

I’m going for killer whale. Sharks have no bones so all the orca’s got to do is get to ramming speed and then proceed to jumble up the sharkie’s vital organs. That’s how the dolphins “play” with sharks.

I don’t think it would be a shark vs. an orca. The whales travel and hunt in groups.

David has it right. Orcas hunt like wolves. The shark wouldn’t stand a chance.

You should also consider the water temp, I know GWs can go deep, but they aren’t much for true arctic waters, right? I don’t think you will find any GWs in Alaska, for example. So, put the two up there and it wouldn’t be much of a fight…

Also, see here…

Tough call…

Killer Whales and Great White sharks are roughly the same length at around 20 feet long (large GW but average for a KW) but the killer whale significantly outweighs the great white.

KW: ~12,000 pounds (although they can be much heavier…record is 22,000 pounds)

GW: ~5,000 pounds

Given that physics would seem to imply that the shark should be more nimble and speedy giving it an advantage in a fight.

Additionally, the shark doesn’t need to surface to breathe air. While the whale can hold its breath for a long time in a fight with extreme exertion the need to eventually surface for air might be a liability if the fight doesn’t end fast.

On the flip side I suspect the killer whale is a much smarter animal than the shark. I do not know whether brains will be enough in a straight-up fight.

If I had to lay bets on a one-vs-one fight between these two I think I’d go for the shark. My guess is you don’t see GW sharks attacking killer whales because killer whales swim in pods and are pack hunters (another nod in the shark’s favor one-on-one). A pod of killer whales would destroy any shark if they were of a mind to.

This battle was actually filmed back in 1997 off the coast of San Francisco. The victor? Orca, easily:

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Nice link, but the shark must’ve been a juvenile (only 10 feet).

I’m still sticking with the Orca, regardless.

Great link Cabbage.

It should be noted that the shark in this case was a ‘small’ one (10 feet) and you have what seems like a full grown adult orca defending her baby. Even if the shark wasn’t attacking it would seem that marine mammals (dolphins and so on) just do not tolerate sharks near them and especially if they have young present.