Killing Eve - on the BBC

This is a new show I binge-watched just by chance this morning, I thought it was VERY good. Sandra Oh plays a security officer (Eve) in Britain hunting down a psycho female assassin, who has become obsessed with her. They become obsessed with each other, playing a cat and mouse game. The show is very fast moving, glamorous, and modern, filmed in beautiful locations, and lots of shooting, stabbing, and killing. And spies, computer experts, ex-KGB agents, and lesbians. Based on some novels I hope to get to this summer, I thought it was a lot of fun, in its way.

My husband JUST THIS SECOND finished watching. Sooooo. . . Did Frank “Dick Swab” Haleton bite it? I don’t think psycho assassin would kill Eve, her long distance girl friend, so early on..

It’s funny that this is based on books about the assassin but the show is definitely all about Eve.

This is a BBC America production - which explains why it hasn’t been on the mother BBC yet. Sounds right up my street, and it’s written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge too, which is a plus. I wonder how I’ll be able to see it…

We don’t know, that was the end of all the episodes aired so far. Next week’s show will surely make it clear. I read where a second season of KE was ordered before the first episode aired!

We are meant to identify with, worry about Eve, the ‘good guy’, rather than the mysterious villain.

(crickets)…OK, the second season is on AMC tonight, in place of the on hiatus Walking Dead. For anyone interested. I, myself, can’t WAIT.

It’s on BBC America and simulcast on cable AMC, before and after the showing of ‘A Discovery of Witches’. No one is watching this?

OK. Fine. over a thousand comments on ‘The Orville’ which I never knew was a thing, my bad. Do all the men wear tights on that and have super powrz?.. Still not a thing about this fabulous addictive Emmy winning show!

Anyway, tonight: They supposedly captured some woman they think is ‘The Ghost’. Eve confronted her outside the school yard. This puts me in mind of the scene in ‘Kill Bill’ where Uma Thurman has a fight with an enemy and they just call it to a halt when the school bus outside pulls up and the enemy’s little daughter comes into the house.

Also: Carolyn is chewed out by a Pringles eating boss, and Villanelle is so bored she commits a murder IN PUBLIC in front of a cheering audience…meh. She is not having fun and has not attracted the attention of Eve. She feels nothing. Freelancing is not working out. (and I am worried every time that pregnant woman leaves the office, I am afraid V is going to fillet her like a sturgeon before this season is done.

You know, insulting people’s viewing choices isn’t the best way to go about getting positive interactions on this topic.

I watched the first season of Killing Eve, but will wait until this season is over so that I can watch it all at once.

Season one finale fell totally flat with me. Kill her or capture her. But now they have an intriguing relationship? I haven’t seen this season yet, so bare with me. I’ll catch up.

I started watching this about two weeks ago and binged eps 4 - 8 over the weekend.
Since season 2 is already underway, the season finale was not surprising. What did (pleasantly) surprise me is that the show isn’t what I was led to believe. Between the commercials and some stuff I read . . .somewhere, I thought it was going to be some sensational, homoerotic fantasy. And while it has some element of that, it is so much more.

I love the look of it and the sound of it - great music! I cannot remember when I found a character better cast then Jodie Comer as Villanelle. I’ve no idea if she matches the character in the books but she is absolutely captivating. At first I thought they made her too “bad ass” but I’ve since decided to suspend disbelief and just sit back and enjoy.

One drawback for me is Sandra Oh. She is as miscast as JC is perfect for her role. I don’t completely dislike her but for me she really works as a supporting actress, cracking wise every now and then. As a lead, and the object of someone’s romantic obsession, doesn’t work for me at all. I try to keep physical attributes at the lower end of criteria by which I judge an actor but I must admit I find Sandra really unattractive. I mean distractingly so.

I’m watching it on Hulu so not sure if I have access to season 2. Finding shows and how to watch them has become really confusing for my tiny brain!:o

One scene that I thought was really well done is in the nightclub when Bill is following Villanelle. The music and lights kind of mesh together and make it hard to see any one thing and then there’s a shot of V in a bluish light as she spots Bill and a chilling change takes place. She looks almost possessed as she starts to come after him and the music has taken on a menacing sound.I don’t how to explain the technicalities of what was done to make this scene so effective but she looks frightening as hell as we see her charging at us and then she stabs him repeatedly, each stab accentuated by the beat of the music. That is some great film making.

Oh, forgive me. I never HEARD of Orville, and I deeply deeply deeply apologize to the millions and millions of fans. :(:(:frowning: I would have thought an amazing, award winning, well-reviewed show like ‘Killing Eve’ would have, at one time, been right up the Straight Dope’s alley. :confused: I guess I am wrong wrong wrong. Forgive me.

Oh, and BTW, exactly HOW did I ‘insult’ the fervent millions of Orville groupies? I was making a comparison of numbers of posts, in commentary. Not once did I ‘INSULT’ the thing, whatever it is, or the millions and millions of fans feverishly following it.

I never heard of it, and I don’t care a flying fig about it. I was just wondering why ‘Killing Eve’ is getting zero/goose egg/radio silence/no love on this board. …I guess I’m just getting too old for this shit. :frowning: maybe I should just keep my big whore mouth shut.

The Orville is on the Fox Network, one of the four big broadcast networks in the US, while Killing Eve is on BBC America, a cable channel available to a much smaller percentage of the American viewing audience. That may be one reason for the difference in popularity. Also The Orville is squarely aimed at Star Trek fans, of which there are more than a few. And it’s from Seth MacFarlane, who has an established fan base.

Of course you were. “I’ve never heard of x” is usually meant to be an insult. Assuming that the people who watch it care only about “men who wear tights and and have super powrz” was definitely meant to be an insult on the people watching/commenting about it.

And happy 10,000th post! Probably shouldn’t print it up and frame it…

I binged season 1 of Killing Eve a few months ago and loved pretty much everything about it! Haven’t started season 2 yet but am looking forward to it.

Umm… OK?

Okay so just finished the last ep of S2. Acting wise and stylisticallythe show was fine and that was enough for one season, or almost one season. But can’t say that I was overly impressed with the show overall. I had hopes it would gel together in where the characters and the plot was going but it didn’t, instead season two just was a mess. Best character of the season was Konstatine’s daughter really. So many things that did not make sense, so many threads begun and let dangle then forgotten, and characters acted with nice idiosyncrantic bits but who seemed like they had different writers from ep to ep.

I don’t think even men in tights would have helped … :slight_smile:

IF after that end they have a season 3 (and I wouldn’t put it past them) I’ll pass. Looking forward to the next season of The Orville though! (And sad The Tick has no more coming. :()

I liked it more than you did apparently. And yes, it’s been renewed for a third season.

I was wondering about that, and also if the renewal was known about before they ended the 2nd season. If it wasn’t known, I think the ending still works. Not sure why poor Nico got such a crappy deal, but hey, that’s Villanelle for you

So, who wants to guess how the cliffhanger will be resolved?

If any of you haven’t finished the second season, please, please don’t spoil it for yourselves!

The shooting was in Villanelle’s mind. She wanted to shoot Eve, but in reality let her go, as she still loves her.
On the other hand, I think that is a really small caliber gun(?) and V was quite a ways away, so it’s plausible that Eve in not seriously wounded. It’s unlikely that V would miss, so she merely wants to slow E down so she can get a head start on escaping.

Oh, the shooting was real, but of course it wasn’t fatal. How could they eliminate ‘Eve’ from the show? … I was a little disappointed in this last season. I can see how they are trying to show Eve and Villanelle are becoming more like each other and no doubt someone thought V shooting E would mirror Eve’s stabbing Villanelle. It’s getting convoluted, too - is Carolyn behind all this, and for what ultimate purpose?

Is that a thing?? :confused: Printing and framing a 10,000th post? For posting HERE? Meh. All those years of getting shat on by snide strangers, big deal. I thought Killing Eve would be right up the SD’s alley, and was disabused of that. But thanks to a couple of you for the engaging comments I DID receive…

Yes, if you or anyone can explain Carolyn to me . . .She’s a double agent? Just using Eve(or whomever) to eliminate The 12? Were / are she and Konstantine lovers? Sorry to be so dense.