Kim and Trump - "back to square one"

No one can be surprised to learn that US-Korea (nuclear) relations are little changed, if at all, since Trump declared his love for Kim.

This NYT article describes the current state of affairs following Kim’s version of a fireside chat to the nation. Basically Kim told Trump to ‘shit or get off the pot’.

Cynic that I am, I believe Kim has deliberately handed Trump a platform to burn from - ‘support me, folks, this is our only chance to break North Korea’s nuclear button’.

What’s “a platform to burn from”? Is that good or bad?

It depends who goes up in its flames.

Like an allen wrench for linoleum, amirite?

Was there any more than a pretense of having left square one to begin with?

So there are more inmates that the Kardashians want pardoned? Wait, what?

So, I guess Chump has to cancel his air tickets to Sweden?

It’s amusing when two people who lie constantly try to negotiate.