Kim Jong Un's pleasure women

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un receives power, money from his father, except one thing… Pleasure Women.
Kim Jong Il(father) likes short, small, Asian beauties. On the contrary, Kim Jong Un likes tall and western style women.
Pleasure Group women need to be 156cm tall when 16 years old, 160 at 20, 162 or higher when 24 years old. The lower body huckle bone to heel need to be 5cm taller than the sitting height.
Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un selected the Pleasure Group women themselves. The women were served at secret parties, and even dance naked, and if they are in the leaders’ favor, they give bed service.
Kim Jong Un, only 28 years old, while he is spending nights with a lot of women, many North Koreans are starving to death. Doesn’t he know the fact or just ignore it?

I think I speak for many people: WTH?

Wiki on the phenomenon.


So… sex slaves by any other name

It’ll be more ironic and equally as accurate to call them “comfort women”

What is the source of your information and how do we know it’s true?

Hmm. I don’t wish to minimize the outrageousness of having a corps of sex slaves, but my hackles always raise when I see the phrasing: “equally as.”

“Equally accurate” works just fine, without the “as.”

Also: Kim Jong Un is a dick.

The Wiki article doesn’t say anything about coercion, and mentions them being married off to what passes for the NK elite. Not that I think that the NK government would hesitate to use coercion, but regular meals in a starving nation and a high ranking marriage could easily be the women’s motivation for cooperating, not force.

What the heck is a ‘huckle bone’?

Also, I would like to thank the OP for bringing to my attention that there is corruption among the leadership of North Korea. I had no idea this was the case, and I promise from now on that my tourist dollars will go elsewhere.

Especially the 13 year olds.

I think it’s the reason Twain’s books get banned from schools.

Actually, those under 17 weren’t assigned sexual duties.
Source? A escaped girl who was a pleasure woman at 15

And the question I was asking wasn’t “is what is going on scummy, unethical and exploitative”; it obviously is. I was asking “are they all actually slaves?”

Its what makes Huckleberry Hound a Huckleberry. Didnt Baba Looey tell you?

I suspect they’re naive young girls from Eastern Europe and the CIS, lured to Moscow with promises of becoming highly-paid models and then drugged and transshipped to Pyong Yang. :eek:

By “huckle-bone,” I think they mean “hip bone.”

Where did that article come from, anyway? Are there anti–North Korean groups out there paying spammers to discredit the Communist regime? :dubious:

That’s gotta be the easiest job on earth.


Theoretically those girls can marry whoever they want. In fact there is a word that refers to a man that has been chosen by one of these girls. Supposedly if you are chosen you can’t say no.

Don’t most women stop gaining height around 16? Certainly they don’t get measurably taller between 20 and 24.

Defined by sitting on the ground, I guess? Sitting height with a chair is always taller than hip/huckle height.

Thanks to this thread, I dreamed about North Korea last night. It was right next to Peterborough, Ontario.

No sex, though.