kin to the sherriff?

so…i know someone who was convicted of vehicular manslaughter 2nd degree…(in case you do not know 2nd degree is when you are not under the influence and is a misdemeaner not a felony). she had been driving with no license do to an emergancy she had going on in her family. (no bashing, i know she is responsible because she had no license) she was stopped at a stop sign and a huge truck tore thru the front of her charger. the driver of the hazmat truck was annouced dead at the scene. she got charged with failure to yield, driving with no license and vehicular manslaughter 2nd degree. now…this happened a little over six months ago. she was arrested three months after the wreck when they served her with a warrant. okay now here is different situation…i know someone else who was in a horrible wreck that led to the death of a two year old child who was NOT BUCKLED UP!!this child was in the car with whom im talking about. and this wreck happened well over a year ago! and the person responsible for this wrek has not even been contacted! and the family of the little girl is trying theyre hardest to press the issue. the person responsible is kin to the sherriff…i guess my question is can the sherriff be preventing this case from going any further? i just dont believe its fair to the first girl i was talking about to be tried and SENTENCED for something that was a complete freak accident, and the other lady getting of the hook! i mean the two year old was in the car with her…not buckled in. it was her responsibility to make sure that child was buckled in, right? how is this case being thrown out? it is no longer under investigation… now if im missing something here…please help me understand. and is there anything anyone can do about this?

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Could you please provide a link to any of your stories?

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At any rate, even if somebody gets off the hook because they “know somebody” (and you haven’t provided any evidence this is happening, anyway), why does it make it unfair somebody else doesn’t get off?

If the first girl admits she was in the wrong, it doesn’t make it unfair to punish her because somebody else found a way to get off (if that’s even what happened).

i did simply ask if this was possible…just wondering. and no i cannot provide links because that would lead to names being involved. but i can say…that both of these girls are my family members. and why are everyone of yall being rude…thats not the reason for this site im sure. the reason is to discuss issues and answer questions (if you have the knowledge to do so.) and i never said that the person convicted admitted she was wrong. of course someone who goes through something like this feels highly guilty im sure. who know? none of you unless you have been in that situation. now back to my question…is it possible for someone in the family that happens to be the sherriff to hold off on trial. if so, can they get into trouble? and is it something that can be reported. asking only people that have knowledge about this question.

Without knowing the details of the situation(at the very least sheriff of what county in what state), all we can do is give you the same type of responses you are used to on Facebook.

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As for your questions, there are legal avenues that can delay or cancel a trial. And there are illegal ways of doing the same. Again, do you have any evidence of any impropriety (actual evidence, not just the appearance of impropriety)? Or any pertinent details?

If you wish to “report it”, you need to have evidence a criminal charge was improperly and illegally lifted. “They’re kin to the sheriff” is not usually good evidence on its own that something fishy is going on.

Vehicular accidents are public record. If there is a possibility of malfeasance by the sheriff, don’t you think people in the community would/should know about it?

Theoretically, yes. Law enforcement officers can choose not to pursue charges under certain circumstances. Without knowing the details, however, it’s impossible to answer your question satisfactorily.

Theoretically, yes. It is possible for law enforcement to misuse their authority. Without knowing the details, however, it’s impossible to answer your question satisfactorily.

Theoretically, yes. Misuse of authority can be reported. Without knowing the details, however, it’s impossible to answer your question satisfactorily.

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Plenty of people in the South. I didn’t personally use it much growing up, but my brother and plenty of my friends used the phrasing “kin to <blank>” and still do.

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The decision of whether or not to prosecute somebody is made by the district attorney not the police.

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