Kinda long winded rant about my crappy job

Well, I don’t do this often, if ever, but right now the only way I can calm down about this is to start a good ol’ pit thread just to make myself feel better.

SO…I work at a major computer manufacturer in the sales department, basically doing phone sales to inbound callers.

I have been working there for about 4 months now and have been trying to get my sister to buy a computer pretty much ever since I started. Finally, we offered free shipping one weekend, and she decided get it. It was a great deal for her because she got the new computer for her and her kids, some software she had been wanting and at 90 days same as cash through our financing plan. I even went in on my day off to place the order for her, making doubly sure to check it twice for errors, etc etc. Then, to make it even better, the computer showed up about 5 days before what my estimate was…what a wonderful sister I am, right? And what a great company I work for, right??

Well, tonight she called me at work because the software packages she ordered hadn’t shown up yet. I looked at her order and the more I looked, the less it resembled the computer I actually put together for her. According to the order that is now in the system, I built her computer with WINDOWS 2000, NONE of the software and not even the crappy application software that comes with every standard system for free!!! I had her look at her computer also, and sure enough, Windows 2000 is the OS!!! What the fuck??!!! That is NOT what I put in for her.

I showed my manager this and asked how could this happen…his response, “Oh, you must have had a brain fart and accidentally ordered the wrong OS”. Bull Fucking Shit!!! Why in my right mind would I set her up with a $1300 computer that didn’t even come with Microsoft Word, for god’s sake!! I know I did not do it that way, but there’s no way I can prove that someone else changed my order. The system shows it was supposedly entered under my ID#, but that info can easily be found on our internal web tools. Some bastard in manufacturing or accounting must have screwed it up, then re-did it and made it even worse–then covered up their fuck up using MY ID#!!

I guess in the long run it’s a good thing it happened to my sister instead of another anonymous client, she is definitely more understanding and knows I didn’t screw it up, someone else did.

I work on 100% commission, so this greatly concerns me…orders that are changed will affect my paycheck–people will cancel, send them back, etc. It might only be a few $$ here and there, but I still earned it, and some other stupid fuck is STEALING MY MONEY!!! What’s worse is if they are doing this under my ID#, it just looks like I am the one making all these order entry mistakes. If they are randomly screwing up customer orders like this every day in other departments, no wonder their stock price is in the TOILET.

It’s hard enough making sales, then having other assholes in the company screw them up and change them is enough to drive me over the edge. It feels like I’ve been accused of a crime I didn’t commit.

Are we looking at deliberate sabotage here? Am I too paranoid? Did you make a really big deal out of this order, “It’s for my sister, so do it right!” and somebody resented it and decided to “getcha” for it?

If is was a build to order system, it may only come with the latest OS.

Even though the order form gave you an option, that may have been a week out of date and the manufacturing floor was only loading 2000…

I feel for you though. I work for a similar company. I have ordered systems for myself wanting an older OS for code reasons and gotten a XP or 2000 system… The pain of having to install an older OS, find the drivers, apply the patches, all the while being “reminded” that there is a newer version of everything available, drive you crazy…

God help you if something happens to the load and you have to do it again after 6 months…

Did it come with a quick restore CD?

No, I don’t think anyone did this out of spite to get me, everything is entered into one system to process the orders. No one knew it was for my sister other than me.

It just pissed me off that when I questioned how it could have happened, my manager just non chalantly shrugged his shoulders and said, “Well, I guess you did it wrong”. I KNOW I didn’t do it wrong. Not that I never make mistakes, just that I don’t make screw ups that huge and glaring.

The problem was that she ordered it (and I entered it) with WinXP Home Edition, and it was built with Windows 2000!! I talked to her this morning and she’s probably going to go ahead and send it back and re-order it the way it was supposed to be. It was also supposed to have a CD-RW, but only has a CD-ROM. (again, not what was on the original order I processed)

It’s a pain, but it’s not right for her to keep it since it’s definitely not what she wanted or what she paid for!!

Can’t she just return it then?