Kindle account

I have a gift certificate credit in my Amazon account. When I order something from the Kindle store it only gives me the 1-click option, and it always charges to my credit card. I have a gift card balance in the amazon account, and in fact, it preferentially deducts purchases from that. When I order Amazon, rather than Kindle. I have looked and looked, but cannot figure out how to get the Kindle charges to come off that gift card balance.

You would need to change your iclick settings. IIRC you can tell iclick which cc to use. Or you can turn off iclick. Force Amazon to ask for a payment method. But you need to buy the kindle book through the web site. iclick makes buying directly from the kindle device easy.

Can you set up the gift card under Manage Payment Options? Theres also the option to apply a gift card to your account.

There is a difference between the Amazon account, and the Kindle account. I have turned off one click on Amazon. When I go to check out I can then choose which type of payment I wish to use. However, in the Kindle account I can only do 1 click, as best I can tell that cannot be changed, and the only payment type listed is my credit card.

I seem to recall my mom’s kindle account initially worked without 1 click. She bought a few books through the web site. I turned 1 click on for her a couple weeks after she got her kindle. But I can’t recall how I did it.

<shrug> that was two years ago.

Under Manage Your Kindle, on the far left side under the heading Your kindle library, kindle payment settings

that lets you change what 1 click bills for kindle books. you may be able to temporarily disable 1 click and force Amazon to ask for a method.

When I do that I do not see any way to change the payment options. I can delete the credit card, but that does not seem to give me access to the gift card balance.

Did you try buying a kindle book after deleting the kindle payment cc? It should ask for a payment method when you checkout.

If that doesn’t work then I guess gift cards can’t be used for kindle book purchases.

According to the Amazon forums, the way it is supposed to work is that if you have a gift card balance in your account, Kindle purchases will be preferentially charged to that balance instead of your credit card. You do not need to make any changes to your 1click settings. If this is not happening (and it appears that there are glitches for some people) you need to contact Amazon support so that they can resolve the problem.

Gift cards can absolutely be used for Kindle purchases. Amazon sells a whole range of gift cards specifically for Kindle users.

Thank you. For a site that usually works so well, it seems very likely that I am one of those that are having a problem with it working the usual way. I will call them and try to get it fixed.