Kindle App Question

Hi Gang - I use the Kindle app on my Google Nexus 7 tablet to read e-books. I like reading collections of short stories. In the olden (paper) days, I used to scan through the Table of Contents of these books to see how long each story was. If I only had a short time to read, I wanted a short short story. If I had lots of time, I wanted a longer story. And so on.

But on this Kindle app, the Table of Contents is just a list of links! Since you can touch a story name and go right to it, there is no need to list the page numbers. Fine, but now, I can’t tell how long the stories are! I’d have to go to each one and flip through the pages to see how long they are. Very inconvenient.

So, two questions: a) is there a way to get it to display page numbers on the TOC? and lacking that, b) is there another way to tell the relative lengths of the stories without a huge hassle?


I don’t have your particular device, but FWIW your question prompted me to check the book-reading function on my Kindle Fire tablet, and it does actually display page numbers on the table of contents, at least for the books I checked. This actually surprised me a little, since I didn’t remember it doing so. It’s possible that it’s been recently updated and that this is a new improvement, in which case it might be worth it to you to check and see whether you’re using the most recent available version of the Kindle app for your device.

I just checked 2 of my Android tablets and a Fire HDX tablet. Unfortunately for the OP, the Fire tablet does display page numbers in the TOC, but the Android tablets do not, and I could not find a way to change this.

You can try with the online Kindle version, it’s web based, might be different in that it has page numbers.

Also, another factor could be the content. Not all Kindle books are the same, some are more of a scanned in type that won’t work on a Paperwhite, and others are the ebook format. Which will work on anything.

Thanks for the feedback, gang. I tried updating my app, and that didn’t help. I tried the online version, and that still didn’t display page numbers.

I suppose it might be based on the actual content, and whether or not page numbers were programmed into it or not. Most of my books are from public domain sources (complete Sherlock Holmes, complete HP Lovecraft, etc), not high-value recent publications. They might have been done on the cheap.