Kindle navigation

I have quite a few books on my Kindle, and in order to select one, I find myself having to click on the “1 of x” selection, listed under the MENU button, quite a bit. If I can’t accurately predict what page the book title is listed under, I have to do it a few times to find the book. If I’m just browsing my library to choose a book, each time I want to go to the next page, I have to click the “1 of x” selection each time, and type in the number of the page I want to go to next. A fairly cumbersome process.

Am I missing something, or is there REALLY no “next page” option or gesture to browse through the book selection process? I’ve made some collections to ease the process: A Dresden Files collection, a Steinbeck collection, a Biographies collection, etc. Still, I have several pages to wade through, and I will only be adding more books, so it won’t get better. I feel like I’m missing something, that surely there’s a simpler way to navigate to the next page.

Please forgive me if I didn’t understand the question and am telling you something you already know.

When you’re paging through the book list, you can use the page buttons just as if you were reading. Does this not work on your Kindle?

I went and got my Kindle to see if I could see what you were saying. When I am looking at the home page book list, my Menu button brings up: Turn wireless on, shop in Kindle store, view archived items, search, create new collection, sync & check for items, view downloading items, settings, and experimental. I don’t get what you’re describing, so hopefully someone who understands can answer.

Sorry, it’s a Kindle TOUCH. No page buttons. When I touch it on the left or right to turn the page, it just selects whatever book or collection is on that line.

Aha. Sorry. I don’t have one of those. I leave you to the more informed, I hope!

Have you tried “swiping” to the next page?

Touching to the left or right merely opens the book or collection. Swiping left or right does nothing. Touching and holding to the left or right allows me to edit a collection, or add a book to a collection, or to search or delete it, etc.

I got it! Swiping UP on the first page takes me to the second page, swiping DOWN moves me back.

Kind of counter-intuitive, though. I think of it as being at the top of the list, and I’d swipe down to move down the list. That’s probably why I didn’t see it before. I’m sure I tried swiping down, but covering all my bases for my response made me try UP, which got me to page two. This will make it a lot more user-friendly. Thanks for everyone’s help, and yeah, I should’ve got this on my own. :o