Kindle Free Book Recs

So I just got a tablet and downloaded the Kindle app. So excited!!!

I love, love, love to read. But I’m on a budget.

Can y’all recommend free or cheap great books that I can download?

I like anything that’s not religious (already downloaded a g-d centric book and didn’t know it), romance (ew…unless it’s superb it’s just, NO), mystery (unless, again, it’s just remarkable) or classic (I know that I can get those free anytime).

If you can steer me to other sites other than Amazon as well, that would be terrific. If not, any recs from Amazon would be welcome!

Thanks all!

PG Wodehouse is prolly a classic, but if you have not tried him, he can be pretty damn funny.

If you like the fantasy/SF end of things, try Humble Bundle: indie authors, you decide what you pay.

Free books! (Legal)

They are free because the copyright expired in the US and some publishers have given permission for global use.

Find out if your local library is affiliated with an online ebook lending library. if so, you’ll have lots of free books to read!

I kind of got the impression that the OP already knew about this. If not, I know we’ve had threads recommending specific older, public domain books (though maybe not recently).

The Baen Free Library used to be a standard answer to questions like these, but there’s not nearly as much there as there used to be. is another good source for free e-books. Some of the stuff you’ll find there is the same as from Project Gutenberg, but there’s also some more recent stuff, freely available because the copyright has been allowed to lapse somehow or because the author has chosen to make it freely available.

I’m rather fond of short stories, so here goes:

I liked all the sample anthologies at the Baen Free library.
Cory Doctorow has a bunch of short stories you can download on his website
“Fierce Reads” is a worthwhile promo anthology for YA fantasy. There’s a second volume but the best story is a repeat from vol. 1. (Available through amazon store) has a series of annual free promo anthologies (“Some of the best from [year]”) (available through Amazon store)
ISF - international Speculative Fiction has annual anthologies free on their website

That should hold you for a bit :slight_smile:

One Hundred Free Books has a constantly updating list of books that are free for Kindle from They have updates in the morning, afternoon and evening. The links on the site take you to the web page and you should be able to tell it to send it directly to your device.