Kindle screensavers.

I got my hubby a Kindle for Christmas, which he loves. He really loves the screensavers. I wonder if they can be bought, suitable for framing.

He flashed me one of Alexander Dumas and another of a blue print of a castle. Is there a list somewhere? A search of Amazon shows me that you can buy screensavers to download onto your Kindle, but nothing about buying them non-electronically.
Does anyone know how many there are, what they are of, if there is a list of them somewhere and who made them?

Bumping for the weekday crowd.

I like them too. Although sometimes I can fall asleep with a book facing me, and wake up to find a scary-faced author staring at me. Disconcerting for those few seconds of bleary confusion upon waking. :smiley:

I’ve seen some of those author portraits elsewhere - on book bags, etc - so I’m wildly guessing that they are some sort of book store clip art.

I just saw a list on the Amazon forums today: link to forum thread.


They repeat in this order:
Jules Verne
Illustrated manuscript UPDATE: One of my readers, dunedenisip, identifies this as a page of Lindisfarne’s Gospels: confirmed. It’s on page 30 of the British Library’s online edition
Jane Austen
Ralph Ellison
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Emily Dickinson
Hercules (constellation) UPDATE: one of my readers, trek, identified this as Ophiuchus, and that seems to be right. Thanks to trek for that correction!)
Mark Twain
Woman with book (I’ve been able to identify this as the Samian Sybil, by Il Guernico…or a copy of it? It seems light)
John Steinbeck
Man writing with quill UPDATE: One of my readers, ellebeth78, identifies this as Desiderius Erasmus by Hans Holbein, the younger…confirmed. Thanks, ellebeth!
Man at table with lion UPDATE: One of my readers, dunedenisip, identifies this as St. Jerome in His Study by Albrecht Dürer, and that’s confirmed…thanks, dunedenisip!
Albertus Medi
Charlotte Bronte
Cathedral floorplan UPDATE: One of my readers, dunedenisip, identifies this as Palladio’s plan of Villa La Rotonda, in I Quattro Libri dell’Architettura 1570. Confirmed.
Agatha Christie
Alexandre Dumas
Feedback and calculating machine
Kindle definition
Virginia Woolf

Here’s a list, with some descriptions, of the Kindle screensaver pictures.