King Ahab and similarities to the Kavanaugh case.

I was looking at the Kavanaugh case and the me too movement. These type of situation interest me a great deal because they can have a huge ripple effect on laws and regulation in any nation. King Ahab is a very interesting man in the bible and I find myself reading up on him a good deal. It seems to me there are a few parallels to the Kavanaugh case and the case case of Naboth who was accused of a crime with no evidence. It seems no matter how more advanced human beings get we stay the same in many ways.

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There absolutely was evidence in Kavanaughs case. Unless he had vineyards* that Senator Feinstein etc coveted that, somehow escaped our attention, there is little in common. :dubious:

*Plus he is more of a beer guy from what he claims, so it would have to be a brewery.

I don’t see any connection whatsoever. There appears to be no made up evidence at all against Kavanaugh. Furthermore, no one was trying to obtain something from him that he already owned.

Furthermore, Kavanaugh has a loooong track record of being a terrible, nasty person. Hardly comparable to Naboth.

This doesn’t even qualify as a poor allegory. It’s an anti-allegory.

No … no … if you squint, and you imagine that Chuck Grassley is playing Jezebel and Michael Avanatti is Elijah, it all makes perfect sense.

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Is the OP sure he’s not confusing King Ahab with Captain Ahab?

The evidence that Kavanaugh himself produced is consistent with Ford’s claims, and not consistent with Kavanaugh’s claims. Was he manufacturing evidence against himself?

Okay guys I’m not saying they both had a vineyard.My point was that in both cases the legal system was involved with no solid credible evidence. AK84 I don consider hearsay as evidence and beyond that there absolutely was no evidence. I truly believe this was a hit piece and her claims were only made to stop this man from taking a position on the supreme court. In both cases the legal system was used as a method to further a goal with NO SOLID EVIDENCE.

Define ‘hearsay’?

CMC fnord!

There was ZERO evidence provided against Kavanaugh. NONE.


Do you feel the same way about Juanita Broaddrick?