King of the Hill: Would you tell Dale?

I would probably not tell.
I have found people do not appreciate the gesture.
I see no big ROI on ruining a relationship.
It really is not my business.

Not only do I believe this for Dale, but I believe this in general.

What’s to be gained by telling? Nothing that I can see.

I remember an episode where Hank goes and tries to get help for his back that is out, and John seems freaked out. I know very little about the show and had no clue why he reacted that way. Hank seemed a bit awkward about it, too. John convinces him to go do yoga instead.

Great quote there.

Peggy: Minh, I have something to tell you. Nancy Gribble is having an affair!

Minh: My God! She cheating on John Redcorn?

Headaches, not back issues, but close enough.

Peggy did find out while John Redcorn and Nancy were together, though, not after. The episode is the one where she’s writing this musings column (taking over for Doyle Harcoby). She can’t concentrate because she has a headache, and she goes over to Nancy’s to relax. She notices John Redcorn is there and both he and Nancy are kind of sweaty and she’s all, “Ooh, John Redcorn, can I set up a healing session?” One of my fave lines was when John Redcorn is all, “What kind of game is she playing?” and Nancy responds, “Peggy just sort of sees the best in everyone. I feel dirty all of a sudden. I’m gonna go take a shower.” “I’ll join you.”

Then Hank talks to her because he’s a little freaked out about her getting “healed” by John Redcorn and he has to spell it out for her what’s going on.

If I were Dale’s friend, I’d tell him. Otherwise no.

The truth! I would want to know the truth! Under this line of reasoning, people who have affairs should just end things without ever confronting their SOs with a confession, because there’s nothing to gain. But there is! It’s the principle of the truth, that your SO would deserve to know.

I can’t believe I’m in such a small minority. >.<

Yeah, but we’re talking about Dale Gribble. Dale has a very, very loose grasp on the truth in general. He pretty much makes up his reality as he goes along anyway. (Aliens, robots, guard towers, treasure maps - heck, he won’t give his real name to the pizza guy.) If there is one man who “can’t handle the truth,” it’s Dale.

Dale has the same ability to see who Joseph looks like as anybody else. I’d say that he doesn’t need to be given any more information. If he doesn’t put two and two together, it’s because he doesn’t want to.

He is Joseph’s father in every way that matters anyway.

So if you lived in the KOTH universe, were a friend of Hank’s and discovered solid evidence that Bobby was actually Peggy’s child by another man, you would tell him?

I think that’s an impossible hypothetical to answer because Peggy would never, ever do that. But for the sake of argument, I would tell Hank. He’s grounded in reality and he’d be willing to look at the evidence and actually deal with the consequences. Dale has (consciously or unconsciously) created a reality in which John Redcorn is gay, Nancy was impregnated by aliens with Dale’s sperm that the aliens had harvested, Joseph is a chip off the old block, and the love of his life would never lie to him. Does that sound like a man who would puts a high value on the truth? Instead of thinking about what you would want, put yourself in Dale’s delusional shoes. It seems cruel to destroy the self-created world he happily lives in.

Besides that, he’d probably just think you were a government agent trying to destroy his life or discredit Nancy. He would create an overly elaborate fantasy that would ultimately place you as the enemy, and he’d continue to believe Joseph is his, Redcorn is gay, etc. I don’t think he’d even believe Hank if Hank told him, and he always puts Hank’s face on his currency.


Maybe I might not tell Dale, you guys have convinced me. But if it was anyone else, I still would, regardless of whether there was anything “to gain.”

He’d probably think that aliens were controlling Hank’s brain, and that it wasn’t really Hank talking.

I wouldn’t tell Dale. I MIGHT tell Rusty Shackleford, but then I’d swear him to secrecy!

I’m with the folks who know that Dale wouldn’t accept it anyway, even if told.
I think just about everyone in the show HAS TRIED to tell him, at one time or another, and…nope. Ain’t happening.

If someone spilled the beans flat out, in a non-arguable <even for Dale> way, I can just imagine Dale breaking character somewhat, and yelling “How stupid ARE you that you think I didn’t know? Way to ruin a perfectly good cover!”

In KOTH world, no one would be served well by the truth in this instance. Even Redcorn would ultimately FINALLY feel all the guilt he’s managed to subsume under his righteous indignity, and he has himself chosen not to spill the beans, as it wouldn’t improve anything at all, in any way, for anyone. And would make things decidedly worse, I think.

What’s the old saw? ‘Women forgive, but never forget; Men forget, but never forgive’? Yeah. Dale’s definitely the man in that scenario. :stuck_out_tongue:

Best answer so far!

Keep in mind that when Dale was finding out that his dad was gay, his first conclusion was that he was a government agent undercover at the gay rodeo. I think it took his dad kissing his partner right in front of him for him to realize what was happening.

This is also the man who believes he is at least part Native American, which is why Joseph looks like he does.

I think it would ultimately take Nancy telling Dale flat-out that Joseph isn’t his to convince him. And even then, that’s not a guarantee. The alleged affair could have been an alien memory implant so she wouldn’t question how she got pregnant while Dale was away.

Dale’s not going to buy whatever you try to sell him, as long as it involves Nancy being unfaithful.

Plus, I honestly don’t believe it’s my place to tell someone their wife is having an affair, no matter how good a friend they are. I might pressure either the wife, or the person she was having an affair with to confess, though.

The only person who could tell Dale is Dale, or possibly Rusty Shackleford, but he’d immediately be suspected of covering for the New World Order.

Same here. If I found out my friends knew my SO was running around behind my back and didn’t tell me I’d never speak to them again. Friends watch each other’s backs. I can’t imagine ignoring something like that if it involved somebody I cared about.