King Solomon's Casino?

Do we have a new advertiser? This morning, when I’m looking at the “Thank you for posting your message” screen, I’m also looking at a banner ad for King Solomon’s Casino.

At least, I think that’s what it says–the screen “takes me back to the topic” within a few seconds, before I can really get a good look at it.

Are they expecting us to grab it as it sails past? Do they know it’s so fleeting? Or am I receiving the Planet Zarquon on my computer?

I don’t know how to deliberately bring up the “Thank you for posting your message” screen (not that I’d visit an online casino, but still…)

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I saw that ad. It won’t show up only on the “Thank you for posting” screen, of course, so eventually you’ll catch a good look at it. I clicked on it, but it took me to something about “New Times”, which looks like some kind of newspaper thingie, rather than to an online casino.

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