New ad problem

I was just completing a longish post when my screen, my entire screen, was taken over by some ad for a pet mess kit. There was no way to shut it down so I let it play hoping it would revert back to the screen and post I was composing. It didn’t. Another ad started when that one stopped. I tried the back button but that took me to the main page of the boards. I looked for my post in another tab. Nope.


I’d be interested in the Canine mess kit. Is it just a dinner bowl or is there a water bowl too?

Umm, the other kind of mess…

Thanks for letting us know. I have forwarded the info to our admins. Hopefully the ad folks can track this down and kill that ad.

If anyone else has seen this and happens to know the exact name of the ad, that would be very helpful.

I thought this was going to be about the ad I just got for a free psychic reading on a message board about fighting ignorance.