Kingkiller Chronicles is getting a movie and more

Patrick Rothfuss and Lionsgate have reached an agreement to do a movie, TV series, and video game adaptation, simultaneously. That’s pretty ambitious, but I also have a lot of trust in Rothfuss. There’s no way he just sells out for a crappy version, so I have high hopes that this is done right. I’m hoping HBO or AMC is where the TV show lands, ans they’ve proven themselves to be THE place to do serial TV right.

I’m hoping that the movie leads into the show, though. I doubt they are trying to do complete adaptations separately in two mediums with different actors or soemthing.

That’s all well and good, but when the hell is the next book coming out? I’m scared we’re going to get into GRRM territory here.

Has anyone heard any news on that front?

I liked the first book, but the thousand finger technique made my eyes roll out of my head.

Movies AND a TV show? Is there enough story there for that? Are the movies going to be tangentially related to Kvothe and more “of the world” or something?

Bolding mine. I agree with HBO, but I’m really, really, really hoping that AMC doesn’t get it. Or that, if they do, it remains owned and controlled by a separate studio, like Breaking Bad (as I understand it). AMC showed with The Walking Dead that they will exercise any and all control that they can to maximize profits, regardless of their effects on the quality of the show.

That said, I’m cautiously optimistic, but I’ve always had pretty strong doubts that the series could be done proper justice as a film or series. Also, the TV/Movie/Game deal does feel ambitious and smacks of “let’s monetize the shit out of this property.”

Agreed. It’s been over four years now since book two came out, and there’s still not even any word of a release date. I admire his ethics and dedication to the story, but you can only hold people’s interest for so long. As it is, I’ve gone from ‘OMG I can’t wait for the next book!!1! Is it out yet? Is it? How about now?’ to ‘Meh, I’ll probably pick it up if I see it’s been released.’

A movie would be good, but I hope it doesn’t delay him any longer in, y’know, finishing what he started. :rolleyes:

(I’m still waiting for Half Life 2 Episode 3 as well, so I’m a bit sore about unfinished trilogies :mad: )

I had the same reaction when I read the thread title. As for the book, he’s become so hyperreactive when it comes up at cons, who knows what the real answer is.

Just give me the last book. I don’t find the universe that interesting, personally; so telling me that we’ll get a movie/TV show/video game (that I’m assuming will be in-universe but not a re-telling of the books) does nothing for me. I haven’t picked up the spin-off novels for the same reason… reviews indicated they weren’t much plot-wise.

I also worry that any other media would lose the carefully-crafted tone of the story. Part of the reason it works is because it’s a crafted tale being told by old Kvothe, so the over-the-top stuff can be seen as purposeful embellishing/bragging rather than stuff that actually happened. I bet that would get lost in any new media re-telling and it would just become silly.

I really don’t get how they plan to make this into a movie/etc… It smacks of “Well, Game of Thrones is doing land office business, so let’s find something superficially similar.” But the problem is, there’s really not that much similarity. Game of Thrones is about a power struggle in a feudal land with lots of charismatically awful characters.
Makes for awesome cinema.

The Rothfuss “trilogy” is about one obnoxiously talented whizkid and his much more obnoxious semi-girlfriend. But the problem is, much of Kvothe’s adventures are pretty subtle and don’t make for good TV. His primary non-magical talent is music, so they’re somehow going to have to portray as a super talented lute(?) player – something that’s going to be hard to do. And much of the rest of it are pretty small adventures – most of which involve him scraping up tuition. Now that’s the stuff epic TV is made of.

So I’m willing to be pleasantly surprised, but I’m guessing this will be an Eragon, or at best, maybe a Merlin (which was OK if you happened to run across it on the tube, but was nothing you’d plan your week around).