Kinsey: Just curious...

What does your name derive from? Kinsey Milhone? Kinsey Report? Is it one of your real names? Just curious, 'cause I like the sound of it.

Wow, a thread with my name on it.

Yes, it is my real name. It was my grandmother’s maiden name.
And I’ve heard enough Kinsey Report jokes to last a lifetime, thanks. As far as I know we are not related to that Kinsey.

As for Kinsey Milhone, she has made my life a little easier, in that when I have to give my name, now people know what I am saying.
No more, “Huh?”
“No, I need your first name.”
“How do you spell that?”

Thanks for liking it. I like it, too. It went real well with my maiden name. Not so well with my unpronouncable Italian married name.
Oh, well.

I see! If you don’t mind a further question, what nationality is it?

[sub]I had an unpronouncable Italian maiden name; now I have a mellifluous Italian married name.[/sub]

It’s English, as far as we can tell. Most of my ancestors are English and Scottish.

My mother and one of my sisters are really into the geneology thing, but have run into some roadblocks trying to find older stuff on my dad’s side. Not too many records from long ago. Those poor peasant farmers weren’t worth keeping track of! :wink:

I see. Well, neither were the Slovak peasants!

I was going to make a 0-to-6 reference, but couldn’t grasp one I liked.



Esprix was making a reference to the Kinsey scale by “not” making a reference to it. I can’t remember the word for it, but there’s a literary word to describe it.

Sort of like saying “And that’s even ignoring the fact that Kinsey used to have a pronounceable last name.”

I see.

I believe the word you are looking for is apophasis.