Kirk "Bananas" Cameron does it again

You know, Jesus was super pissed his birthday fell on Christmas.

How far does he take this? What is the Christian significance of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? Are “Santa Baby,” “Jinglebell Rock,” and “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” actually full of religious meaning?

“Frankincense? Myrrh? What the hell, wise men? At least with the gold I can buy the new Assassin’s Creed. Boy, having your birthday on Christmas sucks.

Still, it’s better than what he got for Easter…

Bull. Shit.

The high school you’re talking about banned the club from meeting during school hours because they have a policy that clubs must meet before or after school. It applies to everybody, not just religious kids.

As for Houston, the sermons were subpoenaed to determine if the pastors followed the correct procedure when gathering signatures for a petition to repeal an anti-discrimination law. The first amendment has nothing to do with it.

Is this YOU? :smiley:

More of a dream, I think.

It’s playing here (of course); I saw it on the marquee when I went to see Interstellar last night. But you’ve going to have to make a hell of a better offer than that if you want me to sit through it. And some kind of disguise in case someone recognizes me going in.

Heh. Don’t let your liberal “facts” get in the way of a good Moral Majority outrage. It’s good for one’s persecution complex, dontcha know?

And Kirk’s just upset that he hasn’t been called upon to save Easter yet. Just think of what he’ll do with a bunny, some dye and a little bit of grass.


After all, he’s only saying what we’re all thinking but are too scared to say out loud.

Glazed ham was obviously provided by God to celebrate Christmas, because it fits perfectly into the human hand.

The empty tin from a canned ham can also be used as a grenade in the annual “War on Christmas” (filled full of flaming egg nog).
As foretold in the Gospels.

The spiral cut of the glazed ham represents the circle of life, while the individual slice represents the flatness of the Earth.

Exception: Thou shall not defileth the eggeth nog.

That’s why we haveth fruitcake.

I think this movie has more than enough fruitcake, thank you very much.

Having read the reviews and this thread, I want to see it now. I’m a conservative Christian, but this sounds like absolute foolishness and stupidity. No surprise, but we really will need a Rifftrax of this one.

Am I understanding this right? Is this movie trying to deny that Christianity co-opted the winter solstice imagery and traditions from non-Christian cultures? And that he is justifying this contention by co-opting the modern commercial/ secular holiday traditions?

Sounds like he already had a little bit of grass :eek: . Who said that?


That would be Qoheleth, I believe.

I believe that Kirk Cameron is a deep-cover atheist, whose mission is to make Fundamentalist Christians look ever more ridiculous in order to drive moderate people to distance themselves from their faith.