Kirk Cameron schools Stephen Hawking in science

No way says noted scientitian and crocoduck hunter Kirk Cameron:

Take that Hawking! Cameron, whose notable scientific achievements include the documentary “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes”, clearly knows more about science than that wheelchair guy, who is only known for guest appearances on Matt Groening cartoons. I’m still waiting for Tina Yothers and Scott Baio to weigh in, but I gotta give this one to Cameron.

He’s alive? Where are drug addictions when you need them?

Not true. Hawking was also on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Which means that in addition to knowing just a tad more about science, Hawking was also on better TV shows than Kirk Cameron.

He’s freebasing pure uncut Jesus, I don’t know what the lethal dose of that is.

I have it on good authority that Jesus is circumcised.

That’s just awesome.

Who doesn’t believe that life sprang from non-life? Are there any religions that hold that life has always existed forever and ever?

I guess it depends on if God is alive or not.

I wonder if you could create a drink called Messiah Blood and peddle it in Christian bookstores.

Xenophanes said that if horses had gods they’d look like horses. I think that if a woman and sex-starved mathematician geek imagined the beginning of the world, then it would have started in a giant orgasmic cosmic bang. Computer geeks probably think the world is only a simulation.

I less than three this post.

It says the story has been picked up by Fox News, where I’m guessing the headline is not “Former Child Actor Picks on Cripple.”

You can get it hand-fed to you, along with Messiah Flesh, on any Sunday in any Catholic church.

Hawking is also a successful rapper, so that’s another thing he’s got on Cameron:

Subject of a very bizarreAutotune video.

More of Hawking’s rap work.

I prefer his older stuff. :slight_smile:

Apparently Cameron’s church is going to “teach the controversy” and let Hawking give a sermon every other week. No wait, that just works the other way.

Cameron isn’t even original–he apparently lifted most of his material from fellow banana-lover Ray Comfort: Words of Comfort -- Ray Comfort's Blog: Stephen Hawking's Senseless Atheism

The Catholics are already claiming that Tom Aquinas had the idea first! :stuck_out_tongue: