Kirkland Signature brand (vodka etc.)

The Costcos I’ve been to in Maryland and Virginia don’t sell spirits, but the one in DC does.

I mean, all vodkas and gins are made in continuous stills, pot stills are slow, limited, and need to be cleaned out after every run. It is like hand setting printing type. Are any high quality whiskey’s made in CS setups?
Alcohol is alcohol; and if you are triple distilling, it is hard to believe that the method makes any difference in the final product (which is mostly ageing).

There’s one in MD that sells liquor but I couldn’t tell you where it is since I live near Delaware and go to the one in Christiana.

I read on another message board that Costco changed their toilet paper manufacturer a year or so ago and the quality has suffered since. I don’t buy their tp so I can’t speak to that, but they seemed to think it was made by Charmin. I guess not.

My local liquor store manager told me that Cruzan was bought out by Bacardi, so it would make sense if they made their rum. I like Cruzan so maybe I’ll pick some up the next time I shop there.

I think it also depends on local ordinances. I know one Michigan Costco that sells booze and one that does not.

Not to hijack too much, but column/continuous run stills make an extremely clean distillate in a single step- this is ideal for something like gin or vodka where the goal is to be flavorless or have the flavoring added later. It’s not so ideal for spirits where the character of the raw materials are a major part of the flavor and aroma- i.e. whiskies, rum and brandies of all sorts. Pot stills are good for these because they pass a larger amount of congeners (chemical compounds from the wash that aren’t water or ethanol) into the finished product.

That said, column stills can be run in ways that don’t create such clean distillates, and are frequently used for Irish whiskeys, large-scale bourbons and rums.

Sometimes it’s law, sometimes it’s personal preference. I doubt the ones in say, Pennsylvania have hard alcohol, unless there’s a state store inside. I have two local Costcos; both carried alcohol, wine, and 24+ packs of beer. 2 years ago, one started carrying nice beer but the other didn’t until recently. I also see that Michigan is a control state as well, so it’s likely similar where there is a mini state store inside, if my hunch is right. Costco has many semi-independent businesses inside like the optometrist (but not optician) and pharmacist. The people giving out samples aren’t either (or is that just Sam’s Club?)

Sorry, I dropped my post mid-sentence while looking for name of person, Dallas Jones, who has family member who makes Costco paper products for Georgia Pacific. Appreciate the info, but am sad because I try not to purchase anything made by Koch Industries. Trying to do the right thing is complicated.

I’ve just wondered why there is no Kirkland brand Gin.

Jim Sinegal doesn’t like martinis maybe?

That’s a good point. Gin is just vodka with the appropriate botanicals added. Herbs and spices and such. Juniper berries, coriander, orange peel, peppercorn, allspice, a bunch of stuff but nothing really exotic. If you can make private label vodka you can make gin.

Ask and ye shall receive…

It’s apparently new- I googled “Kirkland Signature Gin” and saw the image. There’s a reddit thread about it also.