Costco treasures

What are your go-to bulk delights at Costco? What giant boxes and ridiculously-large bottles of goodness can’t you pass up?


-Naan. They’ve got these delicious and cheap naans. Surprisingly, they don’t even come in an insane quantity either. Like, 12 in a bag. Totally reasonable.

-Double-stuffed super massive Greek olives, with jalapeno and garlic. Holy shit, these tear my gut up like a hot machete on butter, but danged if I can’t stop eating them one after another after another after another.

-Croissants. Costco’s croissants are actual croissants. Not just bread shaped like a crescent. They’re light, flaky layers of buttery pillows of heaven.

-Kirkland Signature Soft & Chewy granola bars. Man, I nibble these things like a rat does cheese.

-The 1/4-pound hotdog at the food counter. A buck fiddy? Comes with a fountain pop? I dare you to find a more delicious, filling and affordable hot food option anywhere on the planet. I don’t actually eat these anymore, but I think fondly of them whenever I walk by.

-Fish oil pills. What can I say, they’re cheap.

I’d come up with some more, but right now I’m all doubled over from downing a half jar of double-stuffed super massive Greek olives.

What are yours?

Zyrtec. At the local grocery store with the best price (Woodman’s), I’m lucky if they’ve got 60 tablets for 7.99. Costco has 365 tablets for $14.99, sometimes $11.99 on sale. Generic for both, of course. When I was living at home, my mom and I took one each day; the membership paid for itself just on that one product.

They used to carry boxes of the Shin Black Ramyun cups, $10 for 8 cups. That was a fantastic deal.

Their laundry pods are great as well, both price-wise and quality-wise.

Our Costco has amazingly good crusty bread from a local bakery. As good as any I’ve bought in a bakery, and cheap.
Oddly no naan, but we have an Afghan grocery which sells a sheet of Afgphan naan two feet long and a foot wide for two bucks - hot from the oven.

They have good frozen french onion soup sometimes.

Really? Must be a regional difference. Around here (Bay Area) the Costco “croissant” is a soggy abomination.

Haven’t seen naan, are they fresh or frozen?

My best buys are staples, like the organic AP flour in two big bags; the atta (Indian fine-milled whole wheat flour), and a big bag of vacuum-packed yeast. Why yes, I do bake a lot! We’ve had some nice produce, and some less-nice. Allergy meds (Allegra, Zyrtec and Flonase) and multivitamins, cheap! Reasonable olive oil. Dog food. The usual :slight_smile:

I think I’m gonna pass. Every time I express fondness for a specific product, the regional buyer decides that it’s not “performing” well and deletes it from inventory.

Must be regional, the naans aren’t frozen.
I also enjoy the industrial-sized tubs of hummus, as does my daughter.

Loratadine (generic Claritin). A year’s worth of these for something like $12? Yes please.

There’a a honey smoked salmon they’ve had lately that is just fantastic. Low carb, good tasting, excellent over salad or just straight. It even comes in a reasonable size package. The sodium content is a little high for me, though it doesn’t taste particularly salty, so I can’t eat it every day, but I pick up a pack when I go, since it will keep well (until it’s opened).

My parents belong to Costco and aside from medications and household products, they regularly buy the 2.5 lb. plastic jugs of cashews. They’re large cashews and mostly unbroken. A few years ago, my mother bought a ten-pound bag of basmati rice that she thought was excellent and the price ridiculously low. She went back to buy more but they had pulled that product or had raised the price. She was convinced that they didn’t realize how low they’d priced that item.

Naan bread. They used to have three-to-a-pack Bobolis, but for some reason they don’t any more. A shame, because I enjoy making pizza and cheese sticks for dinner, but at the regular price of Boboli, you might as well order out.

Salmon. Mmmm.

My baby insists that we need to get more of their tri tip roasts, too. Cheap, lean, and delicious.

Enormous bags of rice cracker thingies that are really not so good for me but really tasty.

Tried their Shepherd’s Pie, once. Tasty enough, but there’s ENOUGH of it to feed a family of eight…

There are definitely regional variations - the one here in the San Gabriel Valley has HUGE displays of moon cakes right now, and lots of other Chinese treats around the major lunar holidays.

I’ll second the soup. It’s surprisingly good, and I usually keep a box on hand…except for the months at a time when they don’t stock it for some reason.

The Torta sandwich rolls (found near the naan) make a damn find sandwich (or toast).

Hope I didn’t jinx them.
ETA: The cheese bagels as well

Yes on the crusty bread, both the big “boules” and the pair of baguettes.

Fresh ahi tuna steaks, but they’re usually sold in pairs. I’d have to freeze one, and I’m not too keen on frozen fish. But maybe tuna freezes better than other fish.

Big 1.5 pound package of white Gulf prawns.

Prime beef. They’re the steaks that come in blue foam trays. Not cheap, but far cheaper than you could find them anywhere else.

Whole beef tenderloin, which I butcher down into ten filet mignons, one roast, and plenty of chunks and scraps of filet - all of which gets frozen in serving portions.

Their rotisserie chicken, of course.

All the OTC meds/supplements that we take: generic Claritin, Metamucil, omeprazole, Pepcid Complete.

Good cheap beer. The local ones sell bombers (22 oz. or 750 mL) from good breweries, as well as local breweries and Kirkland. They also have cheap beer if you’re so inclined.

Any OTC drug. Generally at least 1/5 of the price anywhere else.

Naan as well. It’s fresh and bagged. 12 to a pack IIRC(?). Bagels (Einstein Bros.?), usually cinnamon raisin but also onion. They did up the price a few years ago.

The hot dog/soda deal hasn’t had a price change in decades, BTW. 1985 if random Google is to be believed. According to Wolfram Alpha, inflation means that in 1985 that was the equivalent of $3.36.

Not a deal: large quantities of milk, etc. that I can’t possibly finish before it goes bad.

Our Costco has the best boneless pork chops (and also pork roasts, of course) that I’ve ever tasted. They are thick, tender, and flavorful.

I fill my scrips there, too. I seldom, if ever, am charged even my co-pay. They are lower on my prescription meds than anywhere local.

I generally buy a couple of their big big jars of candy. I always keep one on my desk at work. Every HR office needs two things – candy and tissues. Our company pays for the tissues, but I ante up for the candy. Everybody knows I have it and it disappears pretty quickly, so no issue with freshness.

I, too, am a fan of those ginormous olives. So good!

The produce in ours is very good, too. Much better than the grocery stores and cheaper.

Pot Stickers, beef jerky, garlic stuffed olives Yoshida’s teriyaki marinade and Lawry’s garlic salt.

I find the Costco meat is good. The steaks are better than what you get at Vons or Albertson’s they are as good as you get from the more upscale chains and local real butchers.

Prepackaged lumps of ground beef and chicken thighs. They come in packs of 3 and 6 respectively, and each lump makes a week’s worth of jambalaya, curry or chili which I freeze into individual tupperware for lunches.

Flonase–a year ago, I could barely breath through my nose. Started using this, and I’m much better. I’ll have to check out the Claritin next time I’m there and see what happens if I double-team my allergies. Hope my nose doesn’t fall off…

The local Costco sells elk antlers (for dogs to chew) for $28/pound. That’s 4-5 antlers per package. Local pet stores sell single antlers for around $20.

I’ll second this as well.

Another thing I’ve thought of: the Tasty Bites Madras Lentils. It’s like a delicious vegetarian brick chili. Delicious as an entree, deliciouser on a hotdog.