Kirstie Alley, Awesome or Too Much?

Yeah, but you have to wonder how many cameras were on her at the time.

just kidding… please don’t throw rocks…

I just don’t want to see her at all. She’s way too much, as in way too annoying, and I’ll never understand her fame, given how repugnant her screen presence is.

I know. That screen capture was taken from a wide-screen TV where the viewer stretched the picture to fill the screen. I do it all the time. Alex Trebek looks like a linebacker.

Anyone buying this one?

Apparently “Gabby” is 6’3", 160 pounds. I had thought she was 195 and all of it muscle.

That doesn’t sound mean to me. It doesn’t make any sense, though.

She’s 175 to 185 lbs in that video. I’d bet a dozen doughnuts I’m right. Not bad looking though, in somewhat Rubenesque way.

Oprah Show vid

Kirstie Alley:

  • Looks great for a 55 year old woman in any weight class.
  • Is welcome to wear a bikini wherever and whenever she wants FAIC.
  • Weighs more than 145 right now. Either that or she’s 4’9" and lying about her height.
  • Grates on me badly and has always done so, regardless of how much she happened to weight at any given moment.
  • Was hot in The Wrath of Khan, where she was (a) young, svelte and beautiful, and (b) required, by the role, to stifle the more annoying aspects of her personality. In my dream world, Kirstie Alley will always be a taciturn, close-mouthed Vulcan. :smiley:

[geek mode ACTIVATE]
Half-vulcan, half-romulan
[geek mode DISENGAGE]

Another vote for, “There’s no way she weighs 145.” I’m also her same height and she looks to be about my size—right now I’m at 183. When I weighed 145 I wore a size 8 and there’s no way she’s a size 8. Definitely more of a 12. I do think she looks fabulous though and should definitely be proud of her body. She’s worked for it.

Ooh, I forgot all about that! And this from a guy who read the novelization…twice. :smack:

It’s even better, though, because that way she has an aggressive streak under the reserved exterior. :slight_smile:

And just why does SHE get to be a stupid 12 when I’m a stupid 16, I WANT TO KNOW. Damn you, child-bearing hips!

Despite the fact that she’s a Scientologist (an automatic 5 point deduction), I find her to be warm and down to earth.

I was proud of her for donning a 2 piece. It’s nice to see actual curves and body fat on a woman for a change.

I’ll chime in with agreement with the general consensus: she looks good but bigger than 145 lbs. She doesn’t have a body to die for, but she looks quite attractive.

However, I still hate her. She’s annoying and obnoxious. But she does look good.

She’s annoying as all get-out, but props to her. She looks like an average woman would look in a bikini.


I definitely think she weighed more than 220 going in and weighs more than 145 now.

The line down her belly is from the stripper/belly dancing pantyhose she’s wearing (can’t find the link, but I definitely read that today)

I had GBS 2 years ago & don’t look half this good now pre-reconstruction. If I end up looking 1/4 as firm as she does, I’ll be thrilled.


make that an automatic 50% deduction, but she earns points back for courage and committment. She looks great, considering what she looked like in Jan’05 what she started shilling for Jenny. Did you read the YouTube comments? I want to track down those who were “disgusted” and see exactly how “model perfect” they are. Dollars to [del]donuts[/del] frisbees (what? they’re round.) these guys are pudgy, pimply, coach potatos who have nothing better to do than critize everyone else in an effort to feel better about themselves.
I’m not crazy about Kirstie as an actress or a personality, but I give her props for what she’s accomplished

Two part answer: First, she definitely still has a good enough body to be flattered by a bikini. Mind you, I’ve seen better, but she’s definitely not bad, especially for being 55.

Second, even if she didn’t have a body that would be flattered by a bikini, she would still have the right to wear one. It’s not my business what a woman wears (though it is my business to decide whether to look at her).

I like Kirstie Alley.

Cheers for her, no matter how much she weighs. Losing 75 pounds is a positive accomplishment and she should be applauded. I don’t find her as annoying as some people do. I loved her in Wrath of Khan. I enjoyed her performances in her movies, especially in Runaway with Tom Selleck and Gene Simmons. I even liked her in Cheers. I thought her Pier One commercials were just unfortunate. I’m glad to see her back in good shape. Hopefully it’ll lead to a Law and Order guest shot at least or some TV movies.

I have to admit that I enjoyed Fat Actress quite a bit. Particularly the episodes with Blossom. It’s a fabulous train wreck that I just couldn’t turn away from.

Good lord, what happened to her ears?