Kirstie Alley, Awesome or Too Much?

I didn’t see the actual show, but a coworker mentioned this morning that Kirstie donned a bikini on the Oprah Winfrey show yesterday. A quick Google search turned up this link showing Kirstie’s shapely figure in a maroon (it looks brown to me, huh) bikini.

The first article I found didn’t include a picture, but it did have a huge section for comments and the first one really stuck out


Several comments following the above quote were filled with oohs, ahhs and generally applauded her courage. At 55, I think she looks amazing. I actually like her figure now more than I did back in her svelte Cheers days.

What do you think? Is it acceptable for a 55 yr old woman to flaunt her weight loss in a bikini on national television? What do you think this will do for her career?

Unfortunately, I think it will prolong her career. That woman grates on my nerves like few do.

I do have to give her credit though, I don’t think I’d have the stones to put on a bikini looking like that. She lost 75 lbs from a high of 220, which means she’s 145 now? I don’t know about that. She looks awfully solid there. I’d guess 165-170. But I can understand how proud she is to have lost the weight, and if the bikini stunt will give other women (and men) the inspiration to follow her lead and lose unwanted weight, more power to them.

Some women weigh half as much as her and are too embarassed about their bodies to be seen on a public beach in a bikini. Many many women, of all sizes, are not happy with their bodies. I hear just as much complaining from women that I consider thin as I do from women who are definitely not.

She is showing that she is happy with her body and is proud of herself. That’s pretty cool, I think.

You don’t coach your wife through two pregnancies without catching on to the idea that there are more things in life that are attractive than small, thin, firm and perky. She looks great, and definitely more attractive than some of the stick-figure models with big poofy lips.

She looks frickin’ amazing.
Anyone who has a problem with her wearing a bikini is a straight up douchebag.

Based on the photo in the OP, I can only hope this leads to Alley appearing in a bikini more often.

I think she looks fine, and should certainly wear a bikini if she wants. However, she is a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, so the advertising element of the phot-op factors in.

Ditto. I think she looks great.

I think she’s fucking irritating as hell, but she does look great, particularly for her age and how much weight she’s lost. She should be proud and not at all shy to strut her stuff.
Heh. I find the comment quoted in the OP to be pretty amusing. Because, yeah, all women you see in magazines weigh 120. Including the 6 ft tall nordic amazons… :slight_smile:

And no guys over 120 lbs should wear bikinis? What? Bwuh?

I think she looks awesome! Way to go Kirstie!

Having been that big fat woman myself, I will toss in my opinion that Kirstie doesn’t look like she’s down to below 150. IMHO she was above 220 but is embarassed to say so. My body is in pretty much that shape now, and I’m around 180.

Aside from the fact that she’s a Scientologist (making me question her sanity), I like her. And good for her for her weight loss.

WTF is that big vertical line on her belly? Is it a part of the bikini?

That’s so ridiculous. What guy under 120lbs is going to have the manboobs necessary to pull off a bikini top? I mean, really. :rolleyes: :slight_smile:

I forgot to add that we are both the same height.

I think it’s a cord from her mic. I could be wrong.

They could be implants.

A previous comment like that was linked to a picture of Gabrielle Reese, with the comment, “Yeah, she’s a 145 lb. hag.”

I agree with this. She and I are the same height, and at 165 I was much more thin than she is in that picture and I have photos to prove it. 'Course, we look about the same right now, and I’m definitely not 140. I’m working on it, though (and I think she still is, too). :wink:

Yah - I agree. I’m 5’8" and between 135 and 140 and I’m a LOT smaller than Ms. Alley is in that photo. Like, a lot more than 5 or 10 pounds smaller.

Of course, she looks super, regardless of what she weighs.

I also agree. I don’t blame her for being embarassed, but I’m 140 now, and I’m shorter than she is, and also thinner looking.

I still think she looks fantastic though.

The camera adds 10 pounds?

Try 30 or 35 and you might have a point.