My god! Kate Winslet is not skinny! And it's so hot!

Having hated Titanic with a passion the moment I saw it, I have not paid much attention to Kate Winslet’s subsequent career. Last night, my wife made me rent Iris, which I was reluctant to watch because I figured it would just be very depressing.

As it happened, though, the movie features several scenes in which Kate Winslet appears fully nude. And, boy, I tell you my eyes bugged out. I can’t remember the last time I saw a Hollywood actress with a real waist and hips!

Now, I’m no fat-fetishist. Winslet is not fat – she’s just non-skinny.

Most of the time when your typical skinny ingenue takes off her clothes, you can see her ribcage poking through her skin (and skeletal does not trigger “sexy” in my mind) and they look like they might break during vigorous amorous activities.

But, wow, Winslet is amazing. I wonder, though, is this another Renee Zellweger? Is she just teasing me with her voluptuous sexuality (a la the first “Bridget Jones” movie) and the next time I see her on the red carpetshe’s going to look like theliving dead?

Did Winslet just put on weight for the role of Iris Murdoch and then go back to dessicated moviehag or can I look forward to years of curvy pleasures?

She looked pretty good when she hosted Saturday Night Live a few months ago.

I haven’t seen any really recent pictures, though.

Winslett used to be naturally voluptous for all her roles. That was the way she was.

But in US magazine they show “Then” and “Now” photos of female celebs that got “better” and Kate is now one of them.

One of the more disgusting articles I have ever seen…even in a tabloid!

I saw an interview with her on tv recently. She talked about a photo of herself that a magazine published along with an article about her. They “enhanced” the photo to make her legs look skinnier. She didn’t care much for this and seemed to be annoyed that Hollywood and the media always came down on women that weren’t skinny as rails.

I think she’s beautiful and looks better everytime I see her. And I think she’s a very talented actress. I’m going to be adding Iris to my Netflix queue right now. :smiley:

Well, she had curves in Titanic, too, but you’re free to rent Holy Smoke or Quills for more “proof”. She’s the real deal…

Eh, I’ve always thought she was on the more anorexic side of things. Especially in Spotless Mind and Finding Neverland.

2005 link

Her head is too big for her body, and she goes straight down. Nothing juts like it should. She’s a shrimp.

Renee Zellweger, though, that’s a curvy babe. And did you see those biceps in acsenray’s link? Swoon.

She is also terrific (and gorgeous) in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, one of my favorite movies. And wasn’t she naked and voluptuous in Titanic?

I also liked her in Heavenly Creatures and Sense and Sensibility, and I remember thinking each time I saw her that she was shaped more like a natural curvy woman than a bag o’ bones. And I agree, she’s a very good actress.

Curvy and swervey and voluptuous, and, well, just plain super. :slight_smile:

Agreed, agreed. Kate Winslet is the form of a woman who should be worshipped. Renae? Not so much. There’s nothing to hold on to there!

Well, she has had a baby fairly recently, right? I heard she’d had a hard time getting back to her previous figure, but she looked absolutely lovely at the Oscars - not a skeleton at all.

Is this the one? Looks pretty good –

Wow, I guess el hubbo and I are in the minority; we think Kate’s a butter face–everything’s pretty but her face.

I agree, she’s got a nice figure and it’s nice to see a curvy gal in Hollywood who’s not Emme-size. Not that there’s anything wrong with Emme’s size, but it is nice to see someone who isn’t fat yet isn’t Skeletor.

I dunno, Rysler’s like just looks like a bad camera angle, to me. And I certainly didn’t notice any ribs poking through in Titanic (and yes, I agree that ribs showing is gross). Winslet is, perhaps, a bit “small-boned”, but she doesn’t look too skinny for her body type in anything I’ve seen her in.

Another celeb that looks pretty foxy with some ‘rubenesque’ added to her image is Patricia Arquette.

She looks pretty sweet in that new NBC Medium show.

Drew Barrymore is an unskinny hottie. She had breast-reduction surgery a few years back, but there’s still plenty of jiggle, and Drew is well-upholstered elsewhere, too.

Kate, Kate, Kate. Possibly the hottest actress alive. Physically she reminds me of a college girlfriend who was also voluptuous but not fat. Yum, yum! :wink:

Amen, brother.

She needs to lay off the Ho-Hos.

Could somebody explain in what way Zellwegger is supposed to be hot? Does she have the flu? Did she sit in the sun too long? Because if you are using “hot” as in “attractive” I don’t get it. Not even “kinda cute” these days.