Kate Winslet's Breasts

Inspired by one of my editors raving over her topless scenes in ‘The Reader’…

Sorry, but her breasts are just not that attractive. For all that they appear to…um…appear in a great many movies they are simply not all that great examples of breasts. She appears to get a great more ink out of being WILLING to display them rather than for the spectacular nature of them.

She’s a decent actress. I’ve enjoyed her in several roles. But her breasts are just not that interesting and I find myself mystified at the attention they generate.

More power to her, I suppose. Whom am I to judge. The levels of attention are what confuse me. That and why no one speaks up and says ‘Oy! Put those away and get on with the movie.’

You know, don’t you, that you are supposed to have some links in a posting like this?

Are you old enough to remember Blake Edwards’ S.O.B? Now *that *was a case of disproportionate interest in revealed breasts if ever I saw one. (or two)

I probably have never thought to myself “put those away and let’s get on with the movie”.

Unless maybe they were Harvey Keitel’s.


I think they get attention because they are perfectly normal human female breasts on a perfectly normal human female, neither fabulous nor dreadful, entirely average.

And being entirely normal and average is generally not done in Hollywood, especially if you have a vagina. And definitely not done in Pornowood. So the sight of publicly viewable normal human breasts is therefore unusual and tends to attract attention.

Her boobs were a solid B+ in Titanic. Not so much in The Reader.

I don’t know, I mean, I didn’t really waste any time clicking this thread when I saw it. I think she looks great and if she doesn’t feel like wearing a top in her movies that’s just fine with me.

Yeah, well, babies will do that to a person.

I never have gotten around to seeing Titanic maybe I need to reconsider that decision.

I think they’re just brilliant.

Clearly there is something wrong with me.

At least she shows them. That would make the movies she appears in more tolerable. :wink:

I’ve been watching “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” on Showtime, starring Billie Piper. She has normal smallish breasts but cheerfully bares them. It’s refreshing to see a real pair every now and then, as opposed to the surgically enhanced ones.

Acc to Showtime, they were going to remake the show but decided against it. Not only did the first one translate well to American audiences, but it would have been difficult for them to find an American actresses so willing to get nekkid.

FTR, Winslet has said she’s done baring her breasts for the screen.



They’re sweet, but I prefer her ass and points south.

I think the point is that we’re too used to seeing fantastic breasts being displayed in media. I agree that it’s really nice to see regular breasts – the only kind I’m likely to come face-to-face with in real life – being cheerfully displayed in media.

I didn’t really know, so I had to google some images. One image they looked decidedly fake, and that’s not my bag, but in other they looked just normal. Which is fine. I don’t much care for breasteses anywho. One site had a whole bunch of celebs with nude shots, and in that one a young Linda Blair and a young Anna Nicole Smith (whom I never found very attractive) had the most photogenic breasts of the celebs I’d heard of.

For those interested, my Google search was on Kate Winslet breasts (image search), last choice on the bottom right of the page, which turned out to be Linda Blair in the thumbnail. Ya bunch of pervs.

IMO Kate Winslet is more attractive for the persona she projects than her actual physical features.

Shhhh! You’ll scare them away!

I haven’t seen either The Reader or Titanic, but I googled and found some pics.

I think they are lovely breasts. Of course, there are some that are better and some that are worse, but these are nice.

Kate and Sam have a house in Church Westcote, about 5 miles from here.

I’m going round there right now to tell her what you said. Then you’ll be in trouble.

Hey, Chez, can you tell her I love looking at her breasts? And, you know, the other parts too?