Keira Knightly: disgustingly thin

Compare this to this.


I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating an eighth of a cracker.

I was talking to people on another board about this. We came to the conclusion that while Keira is much thinner than the women we usually dig that’s just the way her body works. Yes, she’s tiny, but she looks healthy and that makes her hot.

She plays a lot of physical roles and seems to be pretty fit; maybe she’s just naturally skinny. I hope that’s the case, although her bony frame made her a natural for her role in the movie Hole, in which her character dies as a result of the effects of chronic bulemia.

Her head looks like it doesn’t match her body.

That’s usually indicative to me of “too thin”.

But, she is tiny. She seems a bit below her natural weight there.

Healthy, in an Auschwitz sort of way.

Jeez, are you trying to make her fatten up? That’s a whole week’s worth of calories.

Yeah, she has always been thin but that does look too thin for her. However, being a naturally skinny girl any small bit of weight loss will show and it doesn’t necessarily mean “eating disorder”, it could just be stress. When the collarbones stick out that much she could probably use a few extra pounds but she does look healthy in the face (skull bones aren’t showing, she’s glowy, eyes bright, etc.) and that can’t be all makeup. Her posture does look a little worrying though.
That other chick though … now that’s scary. Her collarbones really stick out, her posture is terrible and she does not look healthy and glowy.

I think that’s just a very bad photo. The light over-emphasizes her head at the expense of her body.

She definitely looked better in Bend it Like Beckham - she’s still skinny but looks cut and healthy.


slightly off topic… or complete hijack. Something in between.

In the OP’s first link, if you scroll down (past the scary picture of Joley Richardson) at the bottom, there’s a split screen type thing depicting knightley in the film King Arthur. One is natural, the other is airbrushed.

Anyone find it pathetic what they’ve done? They’ve tucked in her stomach and given her a bigger chest… and completely rearranged the shadowing so that there is no natural skin texture, it looks like a cartoon. They’ve done something to her face too, made it more generic

Why do these guys have to make every actress more or less the same shape? I’ve grown immune to that shape, it’s so boring

airbrushing in action

[url=“”>This photo is from this past May, and shows off her six-pack. Of course she’s slim, but she looks perfectly healthy. I repeat my contention that the OP linked us to a bad photo.

And that shouldn’t surprise anyone. Once it enters the gossip mainstream that someone is “too thin,” the papparazi will tweak their work to present confirming images. This photographer evidently chose to snap Keira when she was sticking her head forward, maybe to hear a question better or something, and the result makes her look like Quagmire from Family Guy.

She is definitely too thin to my taste. But she is not the first actress where this is a problem.
Olivia Newton-John

Jesus, she looks like a bobblehead.

Healthy, or not, I just find it boring, and somewhat gross.

How could anyone want to see THIS naked and sprawled on their bed, instead of this. (SFW. Just a sexy picture of serena williams.)

KK is a pole, not a woman.

I doubt Miss Newton-John considers it a “problem” that she’s too thin for your taste.

She was absolutely gorgeous in Bend it Like Beckham. Stunning, and thin and healthy. I agree, she’s gotten TOO thin, and while the first picture at the OP’s link is exacerbated by being at a bad angle, scroll down. There are others there in more flattering poses, and she’s still displaying disturbing bony landmarks that oughtn’t be seen in a healthy person of ANY body type.

Here, check this one out again. Not just her collarbones (which are visible in most ectomorphic bodies), but all of her ribcage not covered by the dress is visible. Not just C7 at the base of her neck (which, again, should be visible in an ectomorph), but some of her thoracic vertebrae are visible.

Granted, if she would just stand up straight, she’d be more Audrey Hepburn than Skelator, and she’s not *very *underweight for her body shape and frame. A simple 10 pounds is really all she needs to be gorgeous again. (Maybe 20 in real life if the adage about the camera adding 10 pounds is true.)

However, I wouldn’t be too harsh on her. She’s not the kind of body type who has to struggle to stay thin and does it because of Hollywood expectations. Her struggle is to keep weight ON, and I’m sure that’s very hard when you’re running around the country pimping your latest movie and trying to choke down airplane food. While I don’t personally share that struggle around food, I have empathy for her nonetheless. I don’t like it when my fat body is judged, I’m sure it’s no more fun when your skinny body is judged.

People who look great onscreen tend to look awful in person and vice versa. Consider Buffy the Vampire Slayer; onscreen, all the girls on that show look amazing except for Amber Benson, who looks kinda thick-waisted. In person, she looks terrific and the rest of 'em look like a gust of wind would destroy them.

I keep reading about how “fat” Lily Allen is. I’ve seen her pretty close up, and that gal is tiny, like maybe a size four.

Cracker? I barely leaned on her!

Naah, I think you just have to look at her arms. Healthy arms. She’s just skinny. That’s MHO.