Kiss doesn't play ANY recent material on tour?

So apparently Kiss played in Pittsburgh last night and a review was in todays paper:

From the article:

I still trot out an occasional Kiss tune on the ipod and am partial to their “glory days” period from the first album up to Creatures of the Night. But I don’t still like them enough to have scapped up the cash and driven 2 hours to go see them.
Anyhow I am torn. They’ve apparently recognized that a lot of people come to hear the classics. But to not play a single song from their newer albums? Do they not have any faith in their new stuff or is it not well received? According to the article, they did use a set from “Psycho Circus” and some songs, so it wasn’t a “makeup era only” show.

Any Kiss fans on the board? How do you feel about this? Do you like their newer albums, or are they just going through the motions of releasing albums so they can tour?

I saw them last week, and no, there was nothing new on the playlist. Personally, I believe it was for two reasons: They were the 3rd band playing, so not enough time for a full playlist and (at least here in the Twin Cities) it seemed the vast majority of concert goers were there for Def Leppard, not KISS. Yes, there were people in makeup and KISS t-shirts, but we were all definitely louder for Def Leppard and there were a decent amount of empty seats by the time KISS landed on stage. I will agree, the staging was pretty cool for KISS - maybe if they hadn’t gone over the top with the spider and fire and stuff, they could’ve played a few more songs.

I saw Kiss here in Austin about 6 weeks ago, and while they sounded great and put on a spectacular show, it’s true that they played nothing new. “Lick It Up” was probably the “newest” song in the playlist.

Their opening act, Def Leppard, didnt play any new songs either.

Both bands sounded great, but this year’s tour is a pure nostalgia trip.