Kiss Me! I Love You Too.

As I sit perusing this forum, while entertained and feel welcomed in some strange way, I felt withdrawn from responding to any posts.
For good reasons. (5 beers and a couple of shots…I think…can’t remember).

Perhaps it had been a long day for me.
Perhaps a long week/year/WindowsUpdate/whatever…

So after a few Vodka and Tonics, I was wondering WHY MMP posts are so special.
Because it is Saturday night and I still want to dance with that cute girl with the blue eyes and curly red hair and a smile that would melt glaciers.

*I think we should have GTB thread. As in…Cabin_Fever, Go To Bed.*Thank you.

Night all.
BTW, I don’t snore and thank you for your couch and blanket.

So, how was Sunday morning coming down?

Zzzzzzz! It’s Sunday already? Dang.