Gonna be a good day, Doper.

Y’know, sometimes I check out the new threads in the morning, and don’t really see anything I’m interested in.

Days like today, though, I look at what’s happening and gleefully subscribesubscribesubscribe. Looking forward to my updates today.

And, I just had blueberry Greek yogurt.

That’s my MPS.

Morning Personal Status?

Mine is…it’s Friday. I’m unemployed right now so that hardly matters, but still. It’s Friday. I’ve felt like I have the flu for three days now, though I have no symptoms. Just…feel like utter dog-doodoo, sleeping early and long, both of which are odd for me. So hopefully I’m just fighting something invisible. And hopefully it hates coffee, 'cause I’mma gonna drink a lot of that today!

If you like posting stuff like this, you might want to look into the MMP, i.e. Monday Morning Post. They have tons of comments like this. It seems to be the actual place for actual MPS (mudane pointless stuff) chat.