Kiss my big shiney museum, Paul Tagliabue

You have always hated Baltimore. You suggested we weren’t worth a team, that we would be better served to build a museum. You conspired to keep us from getting an expansion team with Jack Bent Crook and the hated Foreskins. You did absolutely nothing to rescue our history and heritage from Indianapolis. You refused to come to our first game, when the Ravens beat Oakland( prolly a wise move on your part ). You have long considered us an afterthought in the NFL, a provincial town that’s a suburb of Philly and D.C. Well guess what? We are the champions of the world right now! Downtown Baltimore is mobbed, we’re dancing in the streets here! The Colts made your fucking league when we beat the Giants in the greatest game ever played. Tonight we crucified them again. I saw you on the podium, handing that trophy to Art, and tho you mouthed the right words, I am sure you were DYING inside, and I loved every second of it, you cheap, lying, hemmorroid sucking pussbag. I hope you never forget what the ashes in your mouth taste like. GO FUCK YOURSELF WITH A RUSTY CHAINSAW, YOU PRICK.


And we have the first of many displays for our museum, thankyouverymuch-not!

Nobody? Thats hard to beliee.

Ah, and the sainted Peter Angelos is trying his damndest to get DC a baseball team…

I’d take JKC over Angelos or Modell any day of the week (well, I guess he’d smell a little more, but…). At least he didn’t rape the taxpayers in building his stadium.

Personally, I’m happy the Ravens won, fellow Marylanders they are. But, I’m pissed that there’s not a team in Rockville.


Not really. I mean I can imagine as a Baltimorian you’d be psyched, but I don’t think a whole lot of people are otherwise interested in the Ravens. You know nobody gives a crap about your team when a large number of Americans would rather root for a New York franchise.

I just wanna note that Shannon’s IQ must be at least 75 points lower than Sterling’s.

Well, for the hell of it, I’ll also note that Paul Tagliabue played for Georgetown Basketball and to this day ranks 18th all time in rebounds and is in the top 50 in scoring average.

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Ya know, weirdave’s feelings pretty much mirror mine last year when the Rams won the Super Bowl. It was a similar situation, in which Tagliabue and the NFL could give a rat’s ass about St. Louis football fans. They allowed the Cardinals to fuck up their franchise and then move. Meanwhile, they fought hard to keep the Rams in Los Angeles when they wanted to move to St. Louis. Plus, like Baltimore, we were looked over for an expansion franchise. Meanwhile, the NFL goes out of its way to get Cleveland its team back.

And, in what felt like vindication here, Los Angeles couldn’t even get a fuckin’ franchise when the NFL tried to give them one. All they had to do was get together a reasonable proposal, and instead, they lost out on on the expansion franchise bid to Houston.

FTR, I feel sorry for diehard L.A. Rams fans. You’ve been bent over twice now. But, I’m sure the NFL can figure something out in the near future. Gee, the Cardinals aren’t drawing much attendance in Arizona, anymore. Maybe you can steal those losers? Nah. I’d hold out for more.

Congrats, Dave.
I’m glad for the people of Baltimore. It can’t be denied that the people of Cleveland got a better deal than Baltimore but there remains a strong dislike of Art Model here in Pittsburgh, where the mood favored the Giants. I actually was kind of leaning toward the guys in purple.

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Hey, I live in Virginia and am a Redskins fan. I was rooting for the Redskins when they beat the Ravens earlier this year but when they fired Norv and benched Brad and still lost and missed the playoffs I started rooting for the Ravens.

I won’t say that I jumped on the bandwagon because there was no bandwagon. I picked them to beat denver and win the Super Bowl because I knoew that they could win in Nashville and Oakland. I just thought that it was funny that they were supposed to lose those games. I mean if you listened to the EXPERTS at ESPN and CBS etc. When the Giants beat Minnesota 41-0 I knew that they would score no more that 7 points on the Ravens. Why would anyone think that they would score more?

The Raiders scored 3. Tenessee scored 10. Denver with their #1 offense scored 3 points on them. The Ravens finished the playoffs by outscoring their opponents 61-16. Add the Super Bowl and it is 95-23 for the playoffs and Super Bowl.

That is domination. Only Tenessee’s offense scored a touchdown on them!! And that was after the game had already been decided.

Actually, mx-6*, the Titan’s touchdown was scored on the opening drive, giving Tennessee a lead of 7-0 for the first half.

Festivus Maximus, baby!

Yeah thats right. They got the field goal in the second half. It’s still very impressive to give up only 1 TD in four elimination games against some very good teams.