I just watched “Never Been Kissed” (with Drew Barrymore), and that last scene where he stalks out onto the field, and gathers her into his arms for a kiss, well, that really got to me.

I love kissing.

Those slow, soft, gut- tearing kisses that make my eyes roll back into my head, or the type of toe- curling lust created when I am pushed up against a wall, his hands holding my face, teeth biting lips, toungues everywhere. And those surprise kisses on the back of my neck, knees going weak as I lean back.

I miss kissing.

“B” is still around once or twice a week, but he is getting on my nerves. Basically, he’s as bright as a houseplant. He is great company…when he doesnt speak. when his mouth open, Forest Gump pops out.

God, I know this sounds terrible, but I keep him around for sack value only.

Shitboy could kiss.Big Time.
(God forbid I ever need a kiss THAT bad!)

I miss kissing.

Do people still ‘neck’?
You remember…as a teen sitting and kissing for a long long time,building to a desperate scramble with the clothes, or not. Maybe not, maybe just kiss.

Mmmmmmm kissing.

March 1983,school dance, Robby (Mmm Robby!)and I slow dancing, and he kissed me. I went limp, and my head drooped back. He held my head, so gently, and kissed me totally senseless. We didnt even use any tongue, we were so young. I was hooked.

well guys…Does anyone else miss kissing? Or am I the only one ‘not getting any’?

Glad to see you back on the board, Kellibelli. You can kiss me anytime you like.

The Coyote gnaws …
but he does not swallow.

I’m a big fan of good kissing…I could go the rest of my life and never have sex with another human being except my husband, as long as every few years I could have a toe curling, first kiss from someone…Oh, man. I LOVE 'em.
Glad you’re back Kelli :slight_smile:

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Oh goody, Kelli’s back !!! I’ve missed you !

But I am not kissing you !

Now to the op.

I love to be kissed, when I was 15 I was dating a guy who could and would just make-out for hours at a time. First guy that ever made me WANT to do more than kiss. But he wouldn’t, I was 15, he was 20, can you say jail bait ?

Everyone we knew swore we were "doin it " , but we never did. ::sigh::. He also knew how to give a great hicky.

If I weren’t married to The LION now, I would hunt him down and jump his bones ! And let him kiss me till I suffocated to death !

I have to stop thinking about this now ! It gets me all flustered !

Ayesha - Lioness

There are two solutions to every problem : the wrong one, and mine
(Thomas A. Edison)

Oh GOD! Hickeys!

I admit it…I love hickeys, not walking around with one,but getting one is awesome. :slight_smile:

Good to be back guys.Thanks.

When Guanolad gets here, just so you know, kissing is also highly overrated…

(you know, SD, fighting ignorance, just trying to educate the lad)

Welcome back, Kelli! Many more have said it, but damn if it ain’t good to have you back!

Kissing is highly underrated because so few do it right. It ain’t just “swappin’ spit”. It’s an art that so few have mastered.


mmmmmmm I LOVE kisses

I am me… accept it or not.

I love soft sweet slow wet kisses that last 3 days. My favorite part of a womans’ body is that strip between her ear and her collarbone.

The last woman I fell in love with had a mouth like a piece of rotten fruit; soft and sweet and juicy. we spent 2 weeks on a bus tour through mexico that presented a lot more opportunities for kissing and caressing than intercourse, and I didn’t feel deprived in the least. Wow!

I could kiss the right woman for days.

Sometimes the right simile means everything, doen’t it. William Carlos Williams would be proud.

On topic, I love kissing. Have once or twice even had the sublime pleasure of bringing a woman to orgasm solely by kissing her: face, lips, breasts, belly – sweet beyond words, and the greatest foreplay ever devised by man, beast or demi-semi-hemigod.

The best lack all conviction
The worst are full of passionate intensity.

Sunbear: Considerate of you, but nah. Not falling for that one. I have heard from many people the ‘sex is overrated’ thing, but never about kissing.

And yes, I have never been kissed.

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Guanolad, I hesitate to post this for fear of appearing patronizing, but FWIW, kissing is not instinctive like some books or movies would have you believe.

Take equal parts passion, affection, and communication, sprinkle in a pinch of humor (never take it too seriously), and blend slowly over a warm heat until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed, and remember that it’s the relationship between the participants where the magic occurs.

Thanks Lvick, but no need to worry. When things happen, they’ll happen. I’m sure I’ll figure it out when it arises (to coin a phrase). Up until now, they’ve never happened. It’s really that simple.

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Guano…you mean you have EVER kissed a woman?

You seem like such a little stud…how did you miss out on that?

If it didnt cost over 2 thousand bucks to get to you, I would fly over, and kiss you myself!
Gotta go to work, back in about 10 hours.

Zette, I’m with you. I could (am) faithful, but I do wish kissing wouldn’t be considered adulterous. Sometimes you just can’t help looking at a man’s lips and wondering…

I’ve said it before: intercourse is overrated and making out is underrated. The kids today that jump right to the intercourse part are missing out on some awesome sexual experiences.

Humpf… you’re just sucking on a 30 ft pipe, the last 3 ft of which is full of shit.

Naw… one of the great things about kissing is it gives you time to explore your lover before the two minutes fifty seven minutes of squishing noises starts. I always find it a turn on when a girl jumps me instead of vice versa, so if I can find just the right spot on the back of the neck… it makes the time worth it.
The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

A little stud??? Well, a compliment’s a compliment. :slight_smile:

Confession time
I have given at least five women orgasms without ever touching them. And most of them have told me it was some of the best sex they’ve ever had, and came back for more.

Ah, the power of the voice…

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Tatric phone sex?? I’m intrigued…If your account is true, somebody was likely touching SOMETHING…(note I said likely)
Zette :slight_smile:

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Errrrr… care to elaborate a bit, Guano ?

I’ve done some wild things in my day, but I never TALKED a woman to the roof :wink:

Or are you trying to say you just popped in a Barry White CD ?


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Yeah, okay, some people were touching some things, which undoubetedly helped. But they definitely all said it was my voice, what I was saying, and how I said it, that brought them up to and over the edge. :slight_smile:

I’m seriously considering being a phone sex guy for a living, actually…

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