Kissthisguy! The Best Misheard Lyrics

OK, I’m sure this has been done before. But if so, it has been a while. That combined with our evergrowing population urges me to bring it up again: the wonders of Kissthisguy!

Check out this site:

It’s all about misheard lyrics, and people telling about them. You can post your own misheard lyrics here too! Let me start you all off by giving you a fine sample of what’s to be found :slight_smile:

Isn’t it priceless?? This site is also great for finding that one lyric you always wondered about.

So spill! What are your favourite lyrics mistakes?

Kansas: “Carry on Wayward Son”

For the longest time, I thought a line said: “And if I claim to be a white man, it surely means that I don’t know.” (The proper word is “wise” not “white.”)

I couldn’t figure out how this guy couldn’t know if he was a white man!

GROOVIN’ ~ The Young Rascals
"Life would be ecstasy, you and me endlessly/ Groovin’ on a Sunday afternoon

I still hear "You and me and Leslie "

There are several websites about misinterpreted song lyrics; some are really funny.

This is a really old song
“Poetry in motion”, I don’t know who sang it.
I also didn’t know the title for a long time so instead of hearing “Poetry in motion” I heared “Oh a tree in motion.” Obviously that made no sense.
And of course The Beatles “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”
What I heard “I girl with calidous goes by.”
Of course it’s “A girl with kaliediscope eyes.”

the second site is: now, I’ll check to see if that works. sorry for the inconvenience.

No shit? I DID think it was and Leslie! I’ll be damned!

Alright, alright - I’ll admit it. The first time I heard the Buzzcocks singing “You’re an orgasm addict,” I thought they were saying, “We’re all gas-o-matics.”

But my all time favorite is my sister’s interpretation of “Yellow Submarine.” She thought the Beatles were singing, “We all live in some yellow dungarees”!!

(Pepperland - the version of “Poetry in Motion” that I remember was by Johnny Tillotson)

Here’s one for you, Coldfire.

Actual lyric: I will choose the path that’s clear… I will choose freewill.

What I misheard: I will choose a purpose here…
Well, it kinda sounds like it, and it fits into the meaning of the lyrics.

What my brother misheard: I will choose a bathysphere…
Rationale: “A bathysphere stands up to pressure, so he’s saying he wants to make a choice that will stand the test of time.”


also check out The Ants Are My Friends.

The one lyric I can say I have never had the first idea what was being sung has been until now the chorus of R.E.M.s ‘The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight’. My best mumble had been “Comedy will da da hmmm”. Decided it was about time I knew:

Tell her,
Tell her she can kiss my ass, then laugh and say that you were only kidding.
That way she’ll know that it’s really, really, really, really me.


Call me when you try to wake her up. Call me when you try to wake her.
Call me when you try to wake her up. Call me when you try to wake her.
Call me when you try to wake her up. Call me when you try to wake her.
It was that complicated !!!

In Lucy in the sky with diamonds the Beatles sing (supposedly) “a girl with caleidoscope eyes” but it sounds more like “a girl with colitis goes by”

At the end of the Beatles song “I Am The Walrus” there’s a chorus of chanting voices shouting in the backround: “Jump up! Jump up! Everybody jump up! Jump up! Jump up! Everybody jump up!” And so on.
What I heard was: “Smoke pot! Smoke pot! Everybody smoke pot! Smoke pot! Smoke pot! Everybody smoke pot!”

Freak - you might find the written ‘official’ lyric might not have been strictly followed in the studio.

That’s a common one Freak.

There’s a song by the Bee Gees… It totally sounds like “A Bald-Headed Woman”, but I guess the real lyric is “More Than A Woman”. Ya gotta hear the song.

Fine Young Cannibals’ “Suicidal Blonde”:

A friend pointed out that the chorus sounded like “soup and salad bar” instead of “suicidal blonde”. Haven’t been able to listen to that song straight faced since then.

Phouka, surely you mean INXS?

In addition to being one of my favorite posters, “Michelle” is the topic of one of my favorite misheard lyrics:


Growing up, I never really was sure what the french lyrics were, and since I wasn’t the type to sing out loud, I never worried about it much. But I nearly fell over with laughter when I was told the lyrics were misheard as having to do with monkeys and pianos. Kind of like a bad Wizard of Oz dream.

Like many others, I couldn’t understand why “Bad Moon Rising” contained a reference to “bathroom on the right”.

Finally, the Madonna song with the lyric: “Last night I dreamt of San Pedro”. Again, I didn’t think about what the lyric was actually supposed to be, but couldn’t believe it was misheard as “Last night I slept with some dago.”

In the song “Blinded By the Light”, my brother was convinced the line was “wrapped up like a douche, I roll her over in the night.” I was very damned sure that wasn’t right, but didn’t know what the correct words were until I read the book about misheard lyrics. Then I could correct him: “Reved up like a deuce, another runner in the night.” Who the hell was expecting a car reference???