Kitchen-related Nickname (a poll)

Watching TV, the beer commercial came on. The one where “there’s a party at Skillet’s”. Heh, “Skillet”, what a name.

So. What would be your kitchen-related nickname?

Mine would be “Spatula”.

“Poatao Masher” would be a good one. Who wants to be Potato Masher?

Only, if you want to be “Potato Masher”, I’d go with that second spelling. But that could just be me. (“Poh-ah-tay-oh”, might make a good… no, it’s just stupid.)


I had a friend of mine in primary school that wanted to be called “Bread-Bin”…

I call my wife “Crisco”

Mr. Athena says he’d call me Iron Chef, because I rule the kitchen with an Iron Fist.


When I asked him what kitchen-related nickname he’d give me, I was thinking “Plummuffin” or “my little butter warmer” or “tea cozy.” I was NOT thinking “Iron Chef”! And it’s VALENTINE’S DAY, no less!

Call me “Fryer Shuck.” I like oysters.
Rue, why Spatula? Does this have anything to do with the dog in Joe Dirt and the porch?

Sorry to say, I haven’t lived that fine cinamatic experienece lieu. “Spatula” just sounds so manly. Probably one of the most manly kitchen utensils out there. Almost as good as “Waffle Iron”.

After too much wine I could easily be considered and called ‘Toasted’

I’d have to go for “Spice Rack”

I have a tendency to like my food extra flavorful, so I’m always sprinkling in cumin, garlic, oregano, pepper, whatever will add some zest.

Cutting board

I get to be Melon Baller! :smiley:

Well as a souper hero I’d be “High Flame”

Cheers Bippy

Just call me “Fucked Up A Perfectly Good Roast”.


That’s me all over.

I sometimes feel like a Blender.

Geez…is “Poppin’ Fresh” too obvious?

My first thought was “Garlic Press.”

Any Freudians out there?

tea tin, but you have to say as one word. teatin. yes.