Kitchen Stadium Reeling From Random Violence!!

Wow! Did anyone else see Friday’s Iron Chef? It was bizarre. The challenger had his mentor along, which isn’t unusual, but his mentor bent the rules by ordering his assistants around while drinking wine. A lot of wine.

Then it happened. The assistant didn’t jump quite fast enough when he barked, so the mentor reached over and bitch-slapped the assistant! Then he did it again a few minutes later! Fukui-san was not happy. He spent the rest of the episode making snide remarks about how drunk the mentor guy was getting. At one point, Ohta tried to get an interview with him, and he told Ohta to shut up and leave him alone, because he was actually taking the contest seriously. That really torqued off Fukui-san, so he suggested that Ohta should have approached the mentor with a bottle of wine instead of a mike.

Truly weird. It’s a classic episode, in my opinion. If you missed it, they’ll be repeating it in a week or so on Saturday night.

Great episode. I thought it was hilarious when they played the slap back in slow motion.
There was also one of the funniest comments from the giggling starlet during that show that I ever heard. I don’t remember it exactly, but it was something like “At first, I thought it was very feminine tasting, but after it was in my mouth for a while, it became very masculine.”