Kitten in the office!

I am the only person in my office this week becuase everyone else is on vacation. On sunday, I went to the shelter to adopt a kitten. She couldn’t come home until today, and since they close before I do, I picked up my 7new kitten Jade on lunch. So now theres a kitten in the office!

She is in my office which has a dutch door so I can talk to customers without opening the door. I got a disposabal litter box at the grocery story, and have food and water for her. This is too much fun! I think every day should be kitten in the office day!

Anyone else have a kitten in their office?

I’m jealous! I want a kitten in my office!

I’m also singing your thread title to the tune of the Smiths’s “Girlfriend in a Coma.”

::Kitten in the office, I know, I know, it’s seriousssss:

I think this is the perfect solution for all those stray cats wandering around the country. Dogs, not so much. Too much energy for an office environment. But a cat or two that will curl up on people’s desks and rub up against their legs? Perfect way to add some TLC to an otherwise drab place.
Oh, and pics please! :smiley:

gasp No pictures???

Congrats on the new kitten!

When I was a grad student I used to take my kitten to work if I was stuck in the lab in the evenings or weekends. She usually crawled into a desk drawer and curled up for a nap. I could slip in, pull open the drawer, pet a little kittycat, and then go back to work. She seemed happier in the drawer than being left at home.

First of all, where are the pictures? You know the rules!

Second, yes, the day after I rescuedSkunk, I had to bring him to work, as my other two cats weren’t too thrilled with a kitten in their house. He was sooo cute and tiny (fit in the palm of my hand) and very little work got done that day, as everyone spent the day cooing over him. Luckily, the next day was Saturday and he was fine to leave at home after that.

Every day should be kitten in the office day! I have the perfect shelf on my window for a kitty to curl up (or bat at the traffice down below.)

I telecommute, so I have five kittens (well, okay, some of them have graduated to “cat”) in my office. I joke that my the worst thing I have to deal with on my commute from the bedroom to the office is a twenty-paw pileup in the hallway. :slight_smile: But it’s pretty cool when one of them jumps in my lap and settles down for a nap. Beats the hell out of a 40-mile commute and a boring workplace office.

Ask and I obey! Kitten in the office! . I am not sure how the 7 got into my OP, its just one kitten, not 7 :slight_smile:

So far only one customer has noticed her.

I work from home, so I always have four kitties in the office. On a good day, I’ll get one on my head. Aaaaaaahhhhh…life is good.

There was a kitten behind my office about three weeks ago. I coaxed him out from under a shed over about three days with some kibble as bait. Now he’s mine and happily biting toes and zinging through the house at the speed of sound. Very small sonic booms follow him everywhere.

I named him Jekyll, because he’s a little bundle of evil exactly half of the time.

Cutie! Purrs from the SCL herd to your new baby! Congratulations on your new feline overlord!

come on, someone had to say it.


Dang, now I want another one.

Years ago I worked for my hometown newspaper – a very small operation run out of the editor’s basement.

A friend of the editor stopped by one day with a litter of kittens that he was trying to parcel out. I talked my boss into taking one in as the Official Office Cat. It was pretty neat having a cat around the office, although there were the occasional mornings that I’d rethink the whole idea, when I’d come in to find that Boots had left a “gift” of a dead mouse or bird on my chair.

All in all, office pet = good idea.

I hope she’s still being cared for – unfortunately, the editor passed away late last month. Onward and upward, Ed.

No kitties in our office, despite the fact that all but one of us loves the kitties (and most of them have at least one at home - I don’t due to allergic spousal unit).

I think Office Pets™ are wonderful for morale.

I’ve got tons of room and have my rather large workspace all to myself, so if I could, you can believe that I would. Lots of them. :sigh:

I always have kittens in the office!! But they’re usually not feeling well or I just don’t get to pet them because their owners want them back… sigh

I want a kitten! Or a puppy! Or a chameleon! I want chocolate hotdogs!!

It was about 12 years ago, but I once found a kitten in the street, on my way back to work. I remember it being very frightened - it had obviously been dumped. A passing police car wasn’t interested, so I brought it into my office. Lots of people admired it; one person asked as to which vet I would be taking it. After I’d rung the RSPCA and been referred to a vet willing to take it, I walked it over. The next day or perhaps the day after, the aforementioned person came in to tell me that she’d adopted it.

That was an occupational hazard when I worked for vets - the owners wanted them back. We did have several clinic cats who could be loads of fun when you were trying to do something on a keyboard during a “pet me now” moment.

One of our clinic cats was a polydactly, and a local columnist who was a client had never seen a extra-toed kitty. Yogi had never seen a beard, so they had a meet-n-greet on the reception desk. The columnist ended up asking a lot of questions and doing some research, then sending a photographer out to get some pictures of Yogi. Since he was always “my” cat, I was chosen to position him for the pics. A week or so later, not only is Yogi on the front page of the “Local” section of the paper (with a small picture on the front page) but so am I! I didn’t realize the photographer had included me in some of the pictures. We had lots of calls to adopt him after that, but no dice. He was ours.

A few years later he had a serious run in with a swinging door that required removing the heads from his hip joints - effectively, his rear legs are not attached to his hips anymore. I was not working at the clinic anymore, but for the first time in the history of that office there was a general consenus - I was the first called to see if I wanted to adopt him. I was there in less time than it normally takes to get there. I was told he would never be able to jump again. No one told him that.

Maybe my hero, Vetbridge, will come along and tell us the name for the procedure in which the femoral head is removed. It’s called a “femoral head osteo - something”.

Yogi is good kitty.

I work from home. I’ve got eight cats. One of whom insists on getting onto my desk chair every single time I get up. Even though she has dibs on the spare chair, which is identical. At least it distracts her from sitting on my work pile.

Fred likes to sleep on the throw atop a bookcase.

When I adopted Sally, the kitten soon discovered that my CRT monitor was a warm place to sleep. She absolutely adored sleeping there. Imagine her dismay when I changed over to a flat panel monitor.

Everyone likes to hang out in the windowseat when it’s sunny.

Mostly the crew ignore me, though, and go find a sunny place to sleep.