The Cat won't let me work

I guess I have to take the day off. Tonka won’t let me see my data notebook.

Tonka is beautiful!

You need a cat-apult!

As the caretaker of two of our feline overlords, I support your decision 100%.

You should go to the store and buy some salmon, now.

I have a cat that likes to help me type, but he is a lousy speller. So, I set up a ‘cat trap’ on my desk.

Worked like a charm.


Kitties Against Literacy strikes again

Ours is convinced that the floor is the proper location for all pens and pencils.

I try explaining to my cats that I HAVE to work to make the money to buy the noms. But they don’t give a shit.

Of course not. In a pinch, they can always eat you.

Good Tonka! Require many scratches and treats before you move!

My cats like to run across my keyboard or lay down on my iPad while I am using it. I share your pain.

jasg I like your cat trap! I’ve tried using fuzzy blankets, but a box is genius. :slight_smile:

Our cats are weird. They don’t like sitting in boxes.

My cat’s favourite sleeping spot is a newspaper or magazine - but only if I am actually reading it.

Try putting some catnip (or a magazine) in the box :slight_smile:

Our cat loves her toy box, which in a former life was a shoe box. Not the hundred dollars worth of toys that are in it, just the box, preferably closed so that she can poke her paws into the factory holes in the ends (and just why are there holes in shoe boxes, anyway?), and flip the lid open with her nose.

Her favorite toy is a piece of frayed twine.

Every single box that comes into this house is for the cat of course. :smiley:

One of my cats runs across the keyboard and makes the screen go all wonky. One time I came back from the bathroom and the screen was rotated 90 degrees. I didn’t know what key combination would restore it, so I got on my kindle [very hard to type with screen sideways] and searched for “my cat ran across my keyboard and now it’s sideways,” and found lots of discussion. Apparently it’s common.

Sigh. Your problem is right in front of you.

Am I the only person who saw a mouse in the picture?

Get a laptop.


The mouse is attached to my laptop. That way I can use both hands. :wink:

I work in an office with 20 cats and usually a smallish dog running around. It functions like an office: paperwork, computers, a copier, books and pens and tape and so forth. Except that one cat is sure my inbox is her bed and will shove all the papers out of it if she wants to take a nap, we occasionally stop working because we smell poop and have to hunt it down, and “I have a dog on my lap” is a totally legitimate reason not to do something.

We’ve learned never to leave food unattended, never to roll backwards in your chair without looking first, that certain cats can get away with all kinds of shenanigans just because they’re ridiculously cute, and that anything that moves is a target. Also, to always dress well, especially if you’ve got a bald little monkey butt and a cone of shame. And to listen when your cat says that it’s time for a break.

Where do you work?! :eek: I had no idea such a place existed. It sounds awesome! :smiley: