"kitty-corner" or "catty-corner"?

Which one do you say? Kitty-corner or catty-corner?

I just say diagonally.


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I had no idea that “catty-corner” was a thing.

I’ll join Sigmagirl in the “neither” camp. I say “catercorner” (with the “r” elided), on the rare occasions when I use the term.

In the spirit of compromise, I say kittycatcorner.

I just recently learned a good southern term for the same sentiment, catawampus.

I vote for catawampus, because it’s a lot more fun to say.



I’ve heard that before, but used to mean “all messed up”. Like “I checked and he’d stuffed them in the bag all catawumpus.”


I think that normally means crooked, askew, even all f’ed up.

Whereas “kitty-corner” is a specific geometric relationship, and doesn’t connote wrong in any way.

I live on a corner, the house that is over there, not just across that street or the one that is across the other street is the one that is catty-corner to our house.

Another vote for catercorner. Are we not Dopers? :slight_smile:

I pulled some of the google n-gram files recently, and found that in addition to kitty-corner, catty-corner, and cater-corner, there is also cata-corner in use. In addition, because of the ngram set’s issue with hyphens, you also get kittycorner, etc. Oh, and it can be corner, or cornered.

Usage seems to be all over the map

I thought it was people just screwing up a bit when they meant kitty-corner.

I always thought of people who say “kitty-corner” the same way I think of people who say “veggies”.

I’ve never heard anyone say catty-corner. It’s catercorner, but the r is not usually pronounced.

Aha! The pertinent etymology is the Latin “quattuor.”

Before finding this, I had summoned exactly the same two words to explain “catawampus.” :cool:

In other words… in many voices it sounds like “catty-corner.”

Oh, and Catawampus is also a critter. Like a catamount, but more evil and/or mysterious.

It prefers to live in a cave with lots of bats, deep pits, and odd topology.

And I’ve never heard of catty-corner or catercorner until these threads. I’ve only heard (and used) kitty-corner.