Klondike Candy

Just tried a Klondike Mint Chocolate Chip candy bar. It was very good, possibly better than a York Peppermint Patty. (I need to perform a side by side to be sure:D.)

Anyone else try them? It appears they’ve been available since last year. I am yet again late to the party.:smack:

Is it an ice cream “novelty” like a Klondike bar, or a regular candy bar? I haven’t seen it but I’m more than happy to do a taste test comparison.

The one I had was a candy bar for sale in the candy aisle in Walgreen’s in CT. It was four small dark chocolate covered minty soft candy squares in a foil wrapper made to look like a small version of their ice cream bars. I am very picky about candy taste and it was good.

Try See’s dark choco peppermints and you’ll never go back. :slight_smile:

My sister sent me some See’s candy once. It was so good I thought I dreamed it.