I was in Paris, Texas the other day which is 30 miles from my home. I noticed on every street corner and even out on the bypass that Kmart had people in sandwich signs standing in the pouring rain. The signs read BANKRUPTCY SALE SALE SALE EVERYTHING MUST GO. So the next day I took a trip over to Paris and went to kmart.

Everything was 20% off! 20%???

Almost every store in that town has 20% off on many items!

Suckered again. Looks like I would learn.

There is a reason K-Mart declared bankruptcy:

K-Mart’s management doesn’t even know the definition of “compete” much less how to do it…

No wonder Wal-Mart is destroying america.

Try this url instead:

Some day I might actually buy that book…

The only thing K-Mart has done is to quit believing people when they tell the clerk that and item is mis-priced. Up until 3 months ago you could tell them anythiing and they would change the price (provided you could find a check out line open…) Now they don’t believe you when you show them the ad and bring them the sign. Provided you can find a check out line open.

We have two K-Marts here in town, a “Big K” and a “Super K-Mart”. The Super one, while larger, has a crappier selection than the Big K. Both were threatened by the recent bankruptcy, but miraculously, both were spared the axe, and will stay open.

The other night I went to the Big K to buy something and noticed that nearly the entire ceiling was full of holes from water damage. We had had some recent rains, and there were buckets and bins everywhere collecting water.

All I could think was, What sort of system was used to determine who stays open if this ramshackle hut of a store was allowed to stay open? From what I saw, all of the ceiling, the roof above it, and presumably everything in between is going to require repairs. This place is a money pit and yet it’s allowed to stay open?

So nice to see that nothing has changed there. I swore a few years ago to never set foot in one of those stores again. Even if the items there are three dollars cheaper than anywhere else, which I don’t think they are, its not worth the hour that you have to wait in line. On the several occassions that I’ve gone there, I’ve always to had to wait for at least 45 minutes. The stores are not that busy. Target always seems to have three times as many customers yet I only have to wait at the most 25 minutes.

K-Mart is now in bankruptcy and maybe they will even have to go out of business. While this is sad for the employees who work there, the company deserves it. They have lousy customer service and the stores always look decrepit. Since this is the Pit,

Our neighborhood Kmart is going out of business too, and my SO stopped in to see if he could pick up some bargain tools. Even with the 20% off, they were still more expensive than the same exact tools at the Menard’s (home improvement store) next door.

Jeez, aha…don’t you know how a “going out of business” sale works? Stuff goes on sale for 20% and all the dumbasses who usually pay full price buy what they want while the normal people shake their heads. A couple weeks later, what’s left will go down to 30% or maybe 40%. A few more people will buy because the pickings are getting slim. When stuff is marked 50%-70% off the rest of us casually saunter in and sometimes snatch up bargains, but mostly we go “Jeez, there’s nothing left but junk!” :smiley:

(p.s. Welcome back…I don’t think I’ve seen you on in quite some time!)

I always thought that if Kmart wanted to do really good, they should hire whoever is the head of image at Target. That and their head buyer.

Imagine if K-Mart came back with a retro cool sort of look. They re-intall the cafeterias, delis, blue lights…all with a modern flair.

as of now, K-marts are just big dumps. The only time I ever go there is if I have some dying need to catch a cold or something.

I mean, how messed up does management have to be if they couldn’t make a go of it carrying Martha’s line?

It’s not that we clerks don’t believe you-it’s that we have to have a manager to override it. The register won’t let us otherwise. Besides, the last time I did take someone’s word and then a bitch manager chewed me out in front of everyone.

Being a clerk sucks.



I love going into Target. The Super Target a few miles away is awesome. I’ve never had to wait behind more than 2 people in the checkout line, and that includes Christmas holidays and the weekend the store opened when it was so busy, you couldn’t move your buggy down the aisles.

And like everyone else said, KMarts just look dirty and poor, while Targets are nice and shiny and happy. I don’t even mind the slightly higher prices at Target because the store is less depressing to go to. WalMart sucks, too, but more for their cutthroat ways than anything else.

There’s a K-Mart in town here. It’s nice, clean, and well stocked. I must live in the Twilight Zone.

I’ve bought all my Timex Ironman watches at the local K-Mart. They have Indiglo and countdown timer on those puppies.

Thank you, K-Mart!

But you have to go to Wal-mart to buy a firearm.

Seminole must be in the twilight zone, too.

I must live in the opposite of the twilight zone (the daybreak zone) because our Targets suck as bad as our Kmarts.

I had made the mistake of working for K-Mart… not once, but stupidly twice…

The first time I was in an old fashioned K-Mart that still had a deli and canteen. I worked the deli section. One day I was very ill. Running a high fever, sick to my stomach… just not nice. I rang in to call off sick and was told I was the only one who could work that day… could I not come in? Was I that ill?? Being the loyal worker I dragged my butt to work. After a couple hours I began feeling worse, occasionally throwing up (in the front of the store, in the sink at the deli, as quietly as possible - yes ICK!). Told my manager I had to go home. She asked me to stay just a bit longer. Finally after nearly a whole shift I told her I was leaving… no ifs or buts about it, turning around to throw up in the sink… Went to doctors in hopes of being seen. She took one look at me and said to get into her office. As I stood, I fell over… She called an ambulance for me. They suspected my appendix was on its way out and rushed me to surgery.

I got called at the hospital by my boss asking when I was coming back to work. Needless to say I told them to take their job and shove it where the slushy don’t shine…

Vowed never again - no working there, no shopping there, tell everyone about the incident…

About ten years later I was desperate for a job… yes desperate…

A new K-Mart had just opened up (living in a different state). I was hired within 5 minutes of speaking to the manager. Was working in the ‘cash cage’ where all monies are handled for the entire store, so had little contact with customers. I managed to get the store’s first award for customer service despite this. Anyhoo… the store manager was a young buck in his late 20’s, like to have fun with his employees, lack structure etc. One incident involved a co-worker. I messed up his hair (jokingly) and he proceeded to break my wrist in some funky Marine hold… joy of joys. My boss used to love to intimidate me. He would sneak up behind me and scare me, or slam baseball bats down on the desk next to me until I cried. Once even put a gun in my face menacingly, laughing all the while. When I threatened tell the regional manager, he laughed at me. The next day he had the store security guard question me for hours about some ‘lost money’ from the cage. After several hours if intimidation and questioning, tears and swearing I had no clue what he was on about, did the money finally magically appear. The final straw was a couple months after this incident I got pneumonia and they refused to let me take time off. I let my general manager know what I thought of his managing abilities and walked out…

Needless to say…

May K-Mart burn in HELL!!!

So, they’re up to 20% now? I went to our local closing Kmart a few weeks ago, when everything was only 10% off. :rolleyes: Some bargain. There were lots of people wandering around, but not many buying things. I think they were just examining the carnage. The Martha Stewart stuff was pretty picked over, though. Seems to be the only Kmart stuff that isn’t complete crap.

Is anyone else disturbed by the image of soon to be unemployed low-income workers being forced to stand in the rain waving signs announcing their employer’s demise? Could they be more insensitive?

KM–well, the store’s closing and you won’t have a job by this time next month.

STBULIW–but my kid needs surgery! how will I pay for it?

KM–if we knew that, would we be bankrupt? now here’s a sign, go outside and stand in the rain.
bleh. it just leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.