Knee-jerk Capitalism

My complaint is not about idealogy per se.

In this thread

the OP asked a fairly straightforward question - how much did his landlord pay for the rental property.

17 people jump on the guy for daring to request information that is (?) irrelevant to the Capitalist System.

Nice way to welcome the guy, eh?

Look, if someone wants to ask if Sheryl Crow is a lesbian, or if the Pope ever masturbates, or how much their employer paid for the can of coke that cost $0.75 in the lunchroom vending machine they’re entitled (IMHO). Maybe that stuff is none of their business, but so freakin’ what? Isn’t curiousity enough?

Anyway, I’m sure I’m guilty of the same sin about which I’m complaining, but let me explain something to y’all:

It’s ok for me to be hypocritical, but it’s not ok for others. Comprende?

There are certain questions that must not be asked, certain thoughts that must be suppressed and certain actions that must be treated as suspicious, otherwise we could end up being overrun by communism and having our thoughts and actions controlled for us.

Come on, you know that would never happen. Communism only looks good on paper.

Of course! Quick! We must burn ALL THE PAPER!

Bah! paper is overrated - I wouldn’t wipe my arse with it.

This is like the 80 quintillionth thread on Capatalism/communism. Not that I’m complaining, but usually i am just hearing the same few arguments. Please, someone, spice up the arguments. Start talking about diggers or Adam Smith or the Gold standard or something.

Uh, where exactly did this happen? As far as I can tell, two people (Ms. Lois and sailor) asked why he wanted to know, and another two (InstantCrisis and rjung) politely cautioned against assuming the landlord’s an asshole. Everybody else gave ideas on where to get the requested information. I’m not sure that crimes against humanity have been committed here. :rolleyes:

“Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not really out to get me…”

I think responding to a straightforward question, in GQ, with “That’s a stupid thing to care about” is just pure-D rude.

The first response was from a newbie. But Sailor should know better. I’m surprised and disapointed.

Nobody said “that’s a stupid thing to care about” so let’s not make up things, ok?

First let me say I dislike drive-bys. On a few ocassions I have gone through the trouble of posting and even researching for someone who never came back to say thanks or who never participated in the board except very rarely to use us as his research and consulting team.

So when a new poster uses his very first post to ask for some info he needs rather than to offer some information others may need. . . well, it puts me a bit on guard.

Now, it is the OPs first and only post and after a couple of days he has not bothered to respond to any of the posts. Taking all this into account I see a) some advice has already been given and b) I do not quite get his motivation so c) I ask why he would want to know.

Some other posters assumed the motives of the OP and responded accordingly and there is nothing wrong with that but I preferred to ask him what the reason was because it would clarify the issue. I cannot understand why the question is not relevant because I cannot imagine why he would want to know. What use could he get out of that information? I cannot imagine but maybe someone can explain it to me.

Gah. I was exaggerating. And the tone of some of the responses to the OP in the GQ thread was clearly rude. And you know these things. So go back to your (privatized?) bridge.

Exaggerating and assuming a whole lot. What on earth does any of this have to do with “Knee-jerk Capitalism”? And, is this really worth a pit thread? The Pit is going downhill fast. There used to be a time . . . oh, yes, I remember it well. . . ::stroking beard like David Letterman:: do you remember it Paul? When we’d go to the Pit knowing every thread was pit worthy? Real Pit material? Oh, but look what we have now . . . it is sad, sad…

:shrug: I just didn’t see any need for your sole response to the OP to be “Why on earth do you care?” I mean hell, most of what I learn on the board has no direct application to my life. But curiousity is rarely frowned upon. I just don’t understand why you had to jump his shit.

How bizarre! My first post, and I imagine that of a lot of people, was a question, because the SD website directs you to the board as an alternative source of answers to writing to Cecil.

If you don’t like answering questions, sailor, then don’t. No?

If someone asks “where can I get 45 caliber ammo” then a concise answer is in order but if someone says “where can I get 45 caliber ammo cuz my grandma has cancer” then I figure I should ask a bit more to make sure I am answering the right question because I would have a suspicion I may not be answering what the guy wants. I may send him to the gun store when it turns out 45 caliber ammo is slang for some cancer treatment.

I had a case where someone asked about electrolisys and I gave him a long explanation about electrolisys . . . and our exchange was making no sense to any of us … until we discovered I was talking about electrolisys as it happens in boats and she was talking about some hair removal system and none of us knew the alternative meaning of the word until that moment. . .so it helps to make sure what the heck we are talking about. And it helps if the question comes from a poster I know as it gives me some context.

So when someone’s first post is

I suspect the guy is a bit confused because knowing how much the building cost tells you zero about how much the guy makes and I don’t know what the “lesser-known parts of eastern europe” or the guy “driving a Lexus SUV and wearing leather pants” have to do with absolutely anything.

So my response, which was “I have to say I am confounded by the OP. Why would you care about any of those things?” is quite appropriate. If the guy explains it in a manner that makes sense to me then I may be able to help him but the question, as worded, makes little sense and gives me the impression the guy is confused more than anything else. Maybe he’s an intelligent guy who just didn’t phrase it right, maybe he did phrase it right and I missed something, maybe he’s trying to ask something else than what it appears or maybe he’s a drooling idiot or a troll. Since I have never interacted with him before I have nothing to go on and I ask him if he can expand.

Now comes lucwarm and calls us all who responded knee-jerk capitalists. Well, that is idiotic. Where does he get that? how does it follow?

As Fang points out “two people (Ms. Lois and sailor) asked why he wanted to know, and another two (InstantCrisis and rjung) politely cautioned against assuming the landlord’s an asshole. Everybody else gave ideas on where to get the requested information”

Confronted with this lucwarm says he was exagerating. Indeed. To say the least. If my post in that thread is worthy of a pit rant I really don’t know what the world is coming to.

I am ready to drop this but if you want to continue I would ask lucwarm to explain how he gets from that thread to knee-jerk capitalism because I fear the knee-jerking might have been on his side.

Frankly, if someone asked where he could find 45-caliber ammo because his grandma was sick, I’d be a lot more concerned about what he might do with actual .45 ammo as pertains to his poor sick grandma :eek:.

When you send an email to the address given as “Ask Cecil” on the website. you’ll even get a reply telling you to post this question on the SDMB. And GQ is one of the most popular sections here, so I can’t see anything wrong in posting a General Question.

I just wanted to point out that I believe that Manny is on record as requesting that we do not thank respondents. I recall that his reasoning was that the thank-you post merely served to pull the thread to the top and push others down.

Just how many years have you been fighting Communisim in this particular fashion, Mangetout ?